Parliamentary Committee Wipes Hands of Ticking Bomb

The affair surrounding the alleged dubious transfer of assets from the military intelligence service VSS and military defence intelligence service VOS has been shunned by the parliamentary committee responsible for military affairs as it decided not to examine the case, with the ruling Smer-SD party representatives outvoting opposition members of the committee.

The scandal concerning the transfer of the intelligence service’s property under the first government of current prime minister Robert Fico between 2006 and 2010 came to light in the middle of May, when daily SME published information from an anonymous source alleging machination with the agency’s assets, costing the state millions.

Slovak Parliament (c) The Daily.SK

The parliamentary committee, composed chiefly of ruling Smer-SD MPs, decided that it was beyond its jurisdiction to investigate the claims. The other members of the committee, opposition MPs, expressed their disgust at the outvoting manoeuvre, especially as three of four testimonies heard by the committee pointed accusative fingers at intelligence officers.

Former head of counterintelligence Vladimir Suchodolinsky told reporters earlier last week how he had compiled the report on the machinations himself and that he was prepared to testify in the case of embezzlement, which he says took place. The report claims that the former heads of both services Juraj Sebo and Lubomir Skuhra knew about what was happening and about all the transactions that were taking place. Defence minister Martin Glvac rejected the claims outright.

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  1. Perhaps the suspicions of this embezzlement will be added to the long, long list of cases, which, for those responsible claim either “it never happened”, or happened in a way where “no laws have been violated or broken ”; or, if people were actually found to have broken the law, then of course The courts then claim there was not enough evidence to put theses crooks behind bars.

    Welcome to honest Slowvakia …….I wonder if Dawn is up yet ?

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