Police Close To Resolving Valko Murder Case

In an interview on Pluska.sk, interior minister Robert Kalinak informed that the police were close to an outcome in the case of prominent lawyer Ernest Valko, who was murdered in his home 18 months ago.

Although Kalinak believes mistakes were made in gathering evidence at the crime scene and some actions had been taken too hastily, he admits the investigation is nearing a conclusion. “I can’t say what kind of time frame we are talking about, but I know the police are now very close and it looks pretty promising” Kalinak explained. Kalinak expressed his conviction that the case will be resolved and the perpetrators caught.

Ernest Valko (1953-2010) (c) The Daily.sk

Valko was murdered at his home in the village of Limbach near Bratislava in the evening of 8 November 2010 after being shot in the heart at point blank range. His murder sent a shockwave through Slovak society, not just because he was highly respected in his profession, but because of suspicions that his murder was probably linked to one of his high profile, and big-money, cases.

There have been many speculations about who was behind the murder of Ernest Valko and what the motive was, but like many high-profile cases in Slovakia, the truth is often so well-buried in the quagmire of corruption that we might never know. His murder certainly did seem calculated and planned because Valko could smell acetate before his doorbell rang that fateful evening (acetate can put off sniffer dogs) and the single bullet to the heart points to the strong possibility that it was a professional killer who had come to visit him.

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  1. “I can’t say what kind of time frame we are talking about, but I know the police are now very close and it looks pretty promising”

    Don’t hold your breath.

  2. Expat , why don`t you worry about your own bowel obstruction , and let me deal with my own ? Perhaps in you own case you may consider removing your head from up there, as clearly there is something filling your ears and even blinding you .

    Not exactly an original thinker are you old son ….got any Slovak blood in you ?

  3. George M…or shold I say “Anti Juraj”????

    Get a grasp on life and your new claimed home….. The UK is not all that! Been there, done that!

    Don’t even get me started on you negative aspects of the Slovakian life……Leave if you don’t like it! We will not miss you! Not at all!

  4. Now interior minister Robert Kalinak is on the case , we can be that Vlado will be found to have shot himself …..yes really remember Hedvig Malina. He went on TV to claim she made her attack up and the victim poor Hedvig, was interrogated for six hours during which police officers tried to persuade her to withdraw her claims.

    Justice Slovak Style !

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