Slota speaks with venom against commissioner Spisiak

Yesterday head of nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, continued in his campaign against police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak by holding a press conference at which he made further accusations against the police head.

Head of SNS Jan Slota gets angry (c) The

Last week Slota accused Spisiak of stealing petrol and of drunk driving, while playing down Spisiak’s explanation that he had merely borrowed a litre of petrol. Slota said this would mean all theft could then be regarded as loans.

Slota continued to question Spisiak’s integrity, demanding that Spisiak openly declare just how many times he has faced disciplinary action or the threat of dismissal while in the police force, and for what. Slota added that Spisiak has disgraced his uniform, while hinting that someone has been holding him up in the police force for years.

Slota then doubted the figures quoted recently by Spisiak over police results as fake, saying he had heard the same opinion from police officers. His accusations became more serious as he implied Spisiak as having links to the underworld, speaking specifically about gangs from Dunajska Streda.

“If Mr Spisiak doesn’t leave the police force, the country could be led by murderers and thieves, while free honest people become criminals” retorted Slota, saying if Spisiak were decent he should resign immediately.

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