Slovakia to lend EUR 180 million to Ireland

Slovakia has received its part of the bill to help clean up Ireland’s economy. As part of the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) mechanism, Slovakia agreed to participate in the loan for Ireland, and so now will have to find EUR 180 million to help the Emerald Isle recuperate.

The figure was quoted at a press conference yesterday by finance minister Ivan Miklos, and represents Slovakia’s 1% or so of the EUR 17.7 billion to be transferred from the EFSF. In total Ireland is requesting an EUR 85 billion bailout loan.

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  1. Is this the same Ireland which has just recently opened a brand new 50,000 seat stadium at a cost to their economy of €410 Million? I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a large number of Slovak who were actually involved in the construction of the stadium. How can Slovakia find €180 Million to bail out Ireland, but has now spent several years without being able to fund it’s own National Stadium?

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