Slovakia’s Most Wanted Karol Mello Arrested in San Pedro

photo: The San Pedro Sun

Police in San Pedro have caught up with one of Slovakia’s most wanted men, 42-yr old Karol Mello, who was captured in San Pedro and arrested as part of an Interpol arrest warrant, the San Pedro Sun reports.

Mello is wanted for a double murder that saw an innocent woman and child murdered in Most pri Bratislave back in 2004. Mello vanished after the charges were brought against him and managed to stay on the run for almost five years, before Polish police caught him in October 2011 and extradited him to Slovakia.

photo: The San Pedro Sun

The District Court of Bratislava 1 basically let Mello walk free on procedural issues, however, with the police finding out a day later, meaning he had had enough time to hop the border and vanish again. Naturally, this raised questions about cronyism between the authorities and the underworld, with fingers being pointed at former Attorney General Dobroslav Trnka. The police commissioner at the time, Jaroslav Spisiak, only found out about the arrest warranty after Trnka announced it at a press conference, by which time Mello had gone. Interior minister at the time Daniel Lipsic was furious, referring to the case asanother “example of the complete failure of the Slovak judiciary”.

photo: The San Pedro Sun

Mello was handed over to Interpol authorities in Belmopan yesterday, so it will be interesting to see what ‘procedures’ come into play this time. Click here for more on this case.


  1. Diplomatic Passport…hmmm, wonder how he got that???

  2. Rumour has it that Mello was travelling on a diplomatic passport

  3. It isn’t the case of errors made by the Slovak police but rather a case of corruption both in the police force and in the judicial system. Those who really wanted to push the case forward are usually betrayed by others who have been paid or simply threatened by people at the power. If you have money sadly enough you have power and this is especially true for the former block of communist countries. This guy should have already been rotting in a cell for the rest of his life and not enjoying the life in Belize. I’m afraid he will again walk away and there is nothing anybody can do about, not even the UK police as right now they have bigger problems to deal with. Regards his girlfriend, it is just a case of “if you have contacts you can do anything”. She would have been arrested in a normal democratic country and NOT offered a role in a TV program like it happened in Slovakia not so long ago…
    Then again no one is surprised when the judicial system is lead by a man having contacts with an drug baron and being at power for some time now.

  4. As more details appear on various news sites it would appear that we have nothing less than a comedy of errors that highlight just how disfunctional this country, especially the police, are.
    Leaving behind the issues of his two escapes from the Sk police and legal system, it appears that there has been a total lack of basic detective work during the two years Mello has been on the run.
    His long term girlfriend managed to join him in Belize – was she not being watched? The security services can illegally tap peoples phones but didn’t monitor the communications of Mellors know associates? They have set up a real estate business – how did they get the money to do this – were his assets not frozen or has a bank helped move the money abroad? Where did he get the passport from? Who’s identity was he using?
    He has now appointed a UK QC to defend his extradition – not a cheap job – who is helping him?
    This case has opened a can of worms and I hope the UK police thoroughly investigate the matter before handing this herbert over.
    Last point – his girlfriend is a Sk citizen? – is it not an offence to harbour or assist a fugitive? – she should be deported to face charges here as well.

  5. Supreme Court Judge, Justice Oswald issued today an injunction effectively barring the Minister of Immigration and Nationality Elvin Penner from expelling or deporting Karol Mello. Yup, Belizean judges, surprise, surprise, can be bought too just like Slovak ones.

    1. It is being reported that the Belize Government may refuse to hand Mello over to Slovakia because ” The country has a corrupt government, judiciary and police.” and does not believe justice will be served. – Brilliant!
      As for the Belize Supreme Court ruling, the Belizians caught him and have the right to try him for his offences in that country before considering extradition. It does not mean the judiciary have been bought off.
      Mello will almost certainly have to face the music in Belize with regard to documents he entered the country with and will have his residential status removed ( Mmm….. wonder how he got that in less than two years?)

  6. Foreign police catch this man for the second time! Its amazing what decent police can achieve! Lets hope the Sk can manage to keep hold of him this time and someone is keeping an eye on brother Trnkas’ activities.
    How did he get to Belize? I presume he had forged travel docs.
    We will now have years of court time before justice, if any is dispensed although even a blind man can see this guy is guilty of something – why else do a bunk, twice?

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