Spisiak would be ashamed if Slota liked him

In reaction to the recent allegations made by head of nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, the police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak has hit back saying he would not expect admiration from someone like Slota and that he might even be ashamed if Slota appreciated him.

Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak

Among other things, Slota claimed that various complaints and criminal accusations had been filed against Spisiak. In response to this Spisiak explained that he was proud of the fact that none of the submissions against him were from ordinary citizens, but from disgruntled or discharged police officers or people being investigated.

Spisiak noted that in no case was he found guilty of abusing his position or of any illegal activity, as the claims were proven to be false. He said he would have no problem producing evidence to back this, and also that he sees complaints as a natural part of his job of repressing crime.

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