The hypocrisy of MP immunity

Parliamentary chairman and head of the coalition SaS party, Richard Sulik, announced yesterday that the issue of stripping MPs of some of their all-encompassing immunity would be discussed at a parliamentary session in May.

Democracy stands outside parliament (c) The

The proposal hopes to strip MPs of their immunity in relation only to minor offences like speeding or driving under the influence, but will leave MPs exempt from criminal prosecution. Taking away this immunity would require the opposition to support the move as 90 votes is needed in parliament for such a change, something that is highly unlikely.

Immunity for politicians and bent judges in Slovakia is something that certain people here would like to see kept in place, for the obvious reason that it affords them the ability to be corrupt without having to suffer the consequences.

On a visit to Slovakia last year, Britain’s Lord Justice Kenneth Thomas pointed out that in most EU countries judges are not afforded immunity from prosecution, and that if a judge is suspected of having committed some crime, there must be mechanisms to ensure a fully independent investigation.

Well, at least the new proposal will cut down the number of fast drunk drivers on the road.

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