1. Philly, please elaborate as how George is short sighted, not because of George, but I really want to see an American denying racism in the US.

  2. George,
    I find your comments from a Brit to be short sighted and inaccurate. How can you presume to know what a country is like with out living there?

  3. I don’t think anyone here who isn’t American (whether they visited the US or not) knows what America is really like. And, because the US is so vast, it’s horrible to generalize it in its entirety. That being said, one should never compare one’s own government to another’s; one’s own country to another’s. Unless you’ve lived an extensive amount of time in both (more than a decade at least), your opinion will be less valid. Therefore, it’s my opinion that people stop comparing itty bitty Slovakia to the massive United States. (I’m looking at you, Marek Bennett and Allan Stevo. You’re both class idiots, imho.)

  4. Yes! Yes! That is the point, of course. Rabbit is peddling patriotic platitudes. (That’s a somewhat ironic flag behind him.) It’s always easier to see problems in OTHER societies.
    Please continue reading here:
    Or see this perhaps more clearly in closing episode:

    1. Marek – I understand the message Rabbit is trying to convey but I think it will be over the heads of most Sks. – very apt though.

  5. Well better heat stroke, than coming down with the crabs or leprosy Uncle Ian .

  6. I hate to say this but I agree with George. Have I come down with heat stroke 🙁

  7. That is funny reading George, I would add the full of excuses Slovak mentality being well illustrated.

  8. Actually that`s quite funny ….I must be getting mellow in this heat .

    Given that America in many states and for all it`s bravado is still one of the most Racist and Bigoted counties in the world. I find it a bit bass necked of any American to claim more cultures means more community .

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