US visas: don’t scratch our back, we won’t scratch yours

Work visas for Slovaks in the USA will now be valid for a shorter period and also be subject to a fee. The changes come after Slovakia did not extend the validity of work visas for US citizens in Slovakia.

Now Slovaks will have their work visas issued for just two years instead of the five year period at present, meaning they will have the same conditions as US citizens in Slovakia. The work visas were issued for free to date, but now they will be charged with a USD 60 administration fee.

The US Embassy announced the move while Slovak foreign affairs minister Mikulas Dzurinda was making a brief trip to the US, as part of which he met with his counterpart Hillary Clinton.

The US Embassy in Slovakia released a statement saying: “After years of talks, the Slovak authorities failed to prolong the validity of permits for US citizens for work stays in Slovakia by more than two years.” As a result, the same conditions will now be applied to Slovaks as the US visa system works on a principle of reciprocity.

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