European Investors Request Slovak Government to Reconsider FTT

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European Investors’ Association, which represents retail and institutional investors throughout Europe, has requested the Slovak government to take investors’ interests in Slovakia and within the European into account and lend no further support to the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT). European Investors is deeply worried that a FTT declines return on investment for investors, has a [...]

SARIO Business Summary for January 2017


TAXES The number of Slovak companies seated in tax havens keeps growing. According to the consulting company Bisnode Slovensko, it has more than tripled since 2005. Ten years ago, over 1,500 Slovak companies were registered in tax havens compared with the current 4,700. E-MOBILITY Slovaks are gradually developing an appetite for electric vehicles. Over the [...]

TheDaily.SK is back!


After a slowdown in TheDaily.SK service last year, we pick up again in 2017 to provide you with all the latest news and information about life and living in Slovakia. We reach out to all our readers and budding writers also to contribute, whether you have an event, article or interesting story concerning Slovakia. If [...]

Slovak Investment Agency (SARIO) News Briefs


Economy Economic freedom in Slovakia is improving. This is according to the ranking in the Index of Economic Freedom compiled by nearly a hundred NGOs from around the world led by the Canadian Fraser Institute. Slovakia placed at the 39th place among 159 countries in this ranking. Tourism The number of tourists in Slovakia is [...]

Corporate Criminal Liability Affects Everyone, Even Your Company

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The impact of Act No. 91/2016 Coll. concerning criminal liability of legal entities on business environment is being underestimated. If the topic is interesting at all, most people accept the prevailing opinion that this is just another bureaucratic law that will hardly have any effect, not to say real impact (such as the law on [...]

MP Kissova Wants Flat Rate 15% Tax for Businesses


The upcoming Slovak parliamentary elections on 5 March will produce no major surprises, as the ruling Smer-SD party with Prime Minister Robert Fico at the helm looks set to grab over 30% of the vote again, while the political right has splintered into fragments. One contender for a place in parliament is former government party [...]

Slovakia Ranked 45th in World on Children’s Access to Justice

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Slovakia has been ranked as 45th in the world on how effectively children can use the courts to defend their rights according to new research from Child Rights International Network (CRIN). The new report, ‘Rights, Remedies and Representation’, takes into account whether children can bring lawsuits when their rights are violated, the legal resources available to them, [...]

NBS’s Toth: Short Term Boost From Low Inflation (Exclusive)

Vice-Governor of National Bank of Slovakia, Jan Toth, photo: WBP Online

The current low-inflation environment gives the Slovak economy a short-term boost as an outright deflationary spiral is not expected, National Bank of Slovakia Vice-Governor Jan Toth said in an interview for World Business Press Online. The National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) on Tuesday slightly raised its economic growth outlook for this year, but again lowered [...]

Supreme Court Rules Discrimination Over Inclusive Education for Disabled Children


BRATISLAVA – On 27 October 2015, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment and ruled for the first time in Slovakia that children with disabilities are entitled to inclusive education. In the case (nr. 7Sžo/83/2014), the Court ruled that the right to inclusive education in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities [...]

British-Slovak SME Forum and Business Ladies Day

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The British – Slovak SME Forum | Focus on: Business for Slovakia The British Chamber of Commerce opens up for Business in the East We expand our operations to the East of Slovakia with our new office opening in Košice! By establishing a new local BCCSR hub in this vitally important area of Slovakia, local [...]

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