99% Party Contests General Election

Ivan Weiss, disappointed with result

Undeterred by a bad election result (1.58%), accusations surrounding petitions for its registration, and a mass of money lost on its pre-election promotion, the 99% – Civic Voice party is contesting the general elections from 10 March as unconstitutional.

In a press conference today, party leader Ivan Weiss announced that they would be filing a petition over the parliamentary elections to the Constitutional Court and if acknowledged would request the elections to be decreed null and void with subsequent new elections. The party itself did not make it past the 5% parliamentary threshold in the vote, nor past the 3% threshold that would have ensured it at least a return, as it would receive an allowance for each vote it got.

The petition is based on two alleged violations that had an impact on the election result, it claims. Apart from breach of the rules for advertising by certain politicians, like Lucia Zitnanska using the title of justice minister, it is complaining about how the police dealt with the suspected false signatures in its registration petition, and how Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak overstepped his jurisdiction by providing information from the case to the media, for instance.

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