A Million Salmonella Eggs Could Be in Circulation

Agriculture minister Lubomir Jahnatek announced at a press conference today that around 1 million suspect eggs of unknown source are most likely in circulation in Slovakia, after the State Veterinary and Food Administration discovered a discrepancy in bookkeeping volumes.

Enough dodgy eggs for everyone (c) Stara Blazkova

Minister Jahnatek pointed to how the case involved companies that had just flats as their registered office, and had no premises or refrigeration equipment, for instance. The case came to light after some 28 children in Komarno caught salmonella last week, with salmonella found even on the egg shells. The minister therefore says there could be a million contaminated eggs circulating in Slovakia, with more cases of salmonella to be expected.

Three companies are being investigated in the case, located in Bratislava, Sered and Trnava, but none of them have any facilities to handle or refrigerate the eggs, which would then be a breeding ground for the bacteria. The eggs have been marked with falsified marks, so customer will not be able to tell the difference if they see them, the minister added.


  1. SO no scrambled eggs for breakfast this month, or three! The Polish egg farmers are upset we don’t want to import their eggs, so they set up false orginizations “Farms” that produce 10,000 eggs a week from a FLAT?? How is this possible… Even if you squeeze the chicken it will not make more eggs!

    Math and a little bit of legislative knowhow, should stop this!

    I think I will set up a company that produces something from abroad, but can mark it as “Made in Slovakia” as it was repackages by a Slovak in Sloavakia….so it is now of Slovak Origin!
    How are they getting this crap across the boarders…oh yeah….anyone can cross the boardes from other countries without inspectino these days!
    Sure, I don’t want to wait at the boarder to be checked, but there has to be some regulations for importing products! When do the officials see this and do something about it?
    Heck, I get a parcel from America from family, with all content listed, I only get half of what was sent as the boarder police decide they want my gofts more…. No explaination of what was removed and why…only the Boarder Police Tape holding the box shut and all the package in shambles! Just a disgrace!

    1. Ah someone else whos’ post is ransacked – we have something in common.

  2. No doubt another “commercial crime” and these people will walk.
    Absolute disgrace! but Oh so typical!

  3. Why typical Slovak behavior? England is just as bad when it comes to food quality. How many cases of salmonella outbreaks have there been there, far more than here. The thought of what is done to the food before it reaches the shops in England turns my stomach. No wonder people there have some many dietary problems.

    1. Bodyrides – You must be a local.
      Firstly the article is about eggs in the SK so why are you harping on about the UK.
      Secondly, yes there are outbreaks of food poisoning in the UK, Germany etc. BUT the sources are quickly identified, food is taken off the shelves and the medical services contain and treat the problem. In most cases it is poor hygiene or storage at a single supplier that causes the outbreak. This is a nationwide problem, they can’t even decide on the number of products affected, there certainly has been no product recall as of yet.
      “Typical Slovak behaviour” – sorry if this rubs you up the wrong way but Goerge M is correct. It is typical of SOME Slovaks to put making money above all and any other considerations, including public health. These “dummy” companies have imported eggs from unregulated sources, deliberatly packaged and stamped the eggs to mislead the retailers and customers just to make a profit. This isn’t a case of a worker not washing their hands or a fridge not being at the correct temperature, this is a case of your countrymen conspiring and engineering a scam to consciously evade your countries inadequate food inspection and to introduce contaminated food into the shops with no regard to the potential effect this may have and all in the name of making money.
      In conclusion, I suggest that if, God forbid, a member of your family contracts Salmonella, paricularly if it is fatal, you will pull your head out of the sand or, wherever you people conveniently keep the said appendage, and demand tighter controls and the harshest possible punishment for all those involved.

  4. A million ?? It could be several million if the idiot does not know ????

    ~~~The eggs have been marked with falsified marks, so customer will not be able to tell the difference if they see them, the minister added.~~~

    Typical Slovak behavour, putting children`s lives at risk just to make money .

    Slovaks as a nation hang your heads in shame !

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