Activists Launch ‘Slovaki-Leaks’ Website and Hold Protest

A group of civil activists have banded together with the Human Rights Institute to launch what they are referring to as the Slovak WikiLeaks.

The activists launched the new portal at with translations of leaked US diplomatic cables in Slovak at the weekend, exactly one year after the first public protest against the Gorilla corruption affair, while marking the occasion with a small and peaceful protest outside the US Embassy in Bratislava.

The demonstration at the embassy was calling for the release of Bradley Manning, who was imprisoned and charged for releasing thousands of cables to Wikileaks, and also demanding the closure of Guantanamo detention centre.


  1. George M – Congratulations – all that joy, all those sleepless nights, crapy nappies, baby sick, etc. Still, it will keep you busy. Hope the lady doctor and child are, and stay well. Good fortune for the future.

  2. Well here is a wiki leak, well I leak did anyways, it appears I am to be a dad again for the 6th time…Ho Humm !

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