Battle for SDKU Party Leadership Underway

The wrestling for position is well underway within the SDKU party as members seek to elect the new party chairperson, in the hope of bouncing back from its disastrous election result.

Lucia Zitnanska's high profile might work in her favour (c) The Daily

Competing for the top post in the party election on 19 May will be former justice minister Lucia Zitnanska, who was first to jump to the challenge, together with Governor of Bratislava Region Pavol Freso and MP Viliam Novotny. Major changes have been seen in the party since the weak election support it got in the midst of corruption allegations, directed mostly at outgoing party chairman Mikulas Dzurinda.


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  1. This week, for once has been quite good for news , or should I say muse ?

    This fight between Zitnanska, Freso and Viliam Novotny, is a bit like watching three spastics, trying belt each other with a wet fish . Missing, each other with the swing, is far funnier than them actually making a score with a slap hit..

    All these three candidates are so lightweight, one wonders how are they going to galvanize the SDKU and the peoples support from the awful 6% election result….all three when they speak is like watching paint dry and the electorate will be asleep by the end of the first show .

    Roll on the KDH I say , at least Figel lies like a true Catholic and Danny Dipshite has got to be the funnest MP comedian in Slovakia . How can anyone take any policy or suggestion that DD makes seriously, when most of his idea`s dont even get through the first chamber vote ?

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