1. Comics readers are some of the most creative & intelligent people I know. The fact that (as I think George is trying to point out) the medium is ALSO accessible to people with severe learning/reading disabilities is an outright POSITIVE, in my book!
    George —
    I do hope someday you’ll get a chance to read a graphic novel or two that really speak to you; you’ll find it takes an altogether different type of literacy, and fosters readerly responsibilities that we don’t develop from reading “proper books”.
    == Marek

  2. Perhaps, George M, you are not ready to read comics. Or perhaps you’re just an unpleasant troll. It’s not beyond my understanding as to why someone feels so compelled to attack someone else’s work and passion, as you have done, but it IS beyond my desire to tolerate.

  3. I guess this comic method s all OK for kids under 10, English speaking simpletons or the poor retarded . Quite why some find it hard to `get it` in history and read this from a proper book is beyond my own personal understanding . But as we have proved , time and time again these types of basic drawing comic strips appeal to those that are lazy to read, or have the IQ of a goldfish .

  4. Marek Bennet is a genius when it comes to comics.I have been following Rabbit for a few months now and truly ejoy reading about Slovakia.

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