Best Hotel in the World is in Slovakia

In an annual survey carried out by travel web site Expedia, their ‘Insiders’ Select’ rankings has voted Slovakian boutique hotel the best in the world, followed by Al Codega in Venice, Italy, and the Central American Hotel Royal Corin in Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Marrol's Boutique Hotel voted the best in the World

The top list, which was published on June 27th was draw up from 500,000 assessments provided by the website’s users.

Expedia’s 2012 Insiders’ Select list of the 10 best hotels in the world.

1. Marrol’s Boutique Hotel – Bratislava (Slovakia)

2. Hotel Al Codega – Venice (Italy)

3. Hotel Royal Corin – Fortuna (Costa Rica)

4. Hilton Garden Inn Aberdeen – Aberdeen (Scotland)

5. Four Seasons Miami – Miami, Florida (USA)

6. Madison Hotel Hamburg – Hamburg (Germany)

7. Element Omaha Midtown Crossing – Omaha, Nebraska (USA)

8. Sonnenalp Resort of Vail – Vail, Colorado (USA)

9. Taj Lands End – Mumbai (India)

10. Mr. C Beverly Hills – Los Angeles, California (USA)


  1. Nice though it is, Marro’ls is not even the best hotel in Bratislava!

  2. Gentleman, we are in the cucumber season . Get used to many non stories .

  3. Nah! Sorry, don’t accept this.
    Does the Hotel have a Michelin rating – No, Routiers rating – No. It may Stars, Jackboots and other awards from some irrelevent Sk organisation, but NO!
    The review everyone is raving about was submitted by someone who has the ID of 6stringhero( failed hippie? ), who’s other contributions to the world of tourism are……….. his opinions on other venues in BA, for which he was no doubt paid. Not well travelled then is he/she. Chances are until recently this hotel critic was living in a cardboard box and would give five stars for a night in a Roma hovel.
    Sorry, but until someone of note grades this hotel, the opinions of a paid lacky count for jack. Non story, non event!

    1. I actually checked the Expedia reviews on this hotel 59 reviews in total with very few complaints. The customer reviews do give high marks but I don’t think a sample of 59 on a trusted but relatively insignificant site should allow the claim ” best hotel in the world”
      We shall see, I am going to BA later this year so I may try it even though it charges almost double of some other BA hotels that have similar reviews on the same site. The Hotel Arcadia scores higher on the same quoted review site but I presume it isn’t mentioned because of the low number of posted reviews.

  4. yeah bullshit!!!!!!!!!! I just google for more serious rankings and MArrol’s is not even mentioned. I guess sometimes there are not many news to publish. Came on upgrade your standards, this does not even follow common sense.

  5. Hotel Marrol’s is a luxurious 5-star property set in a prime location in the centre of Bratislava. Local tourist attractions such as Blue Church, Natural History Museum and Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra are not far from the hotel. Also easily within reach are Stare Mesto, Old Slovak National Theater and Slovak National Theatre & ????????

    Come on… why??? WHat is the whole thing based on? My view is that they picked the wrong travelers! No offense… I love Slovakia, but best Hotel??? Come on, no way, not from what I have whitnessed here as “Service”!

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