Cannibal Man Was Ordinary Father of Two

More information has surfaced about the Slovak man who was prepared to kill and eat a willing Swiss volunteer, with suspicions also that he may already have had committed the crime on others.

Matej Curko - photo credit: Strelecký klub Podhradová

Neighbours who knew the Slovak man, named as Matej Curko, said he was just an ordinary guy who lived with his wife and two children in their house in the village of Sokol. It is now known that he was a computer expert, but that one of his hobbies was shooting. Acquaintances from his shooting club described him as mild-natured and ordinary.

The man is now fighting for his life after being shot five times by police marksmen, while police searching the vicinity have found two holes dug in the ground, which may have been prepared by the would-be cannibal for the body parts of his planned victim. Police have also found evidence at the man’s home that could be related to his activities.

The man had offered his special ‘service’ on the internet, and so police think he may have already carried out something similar in the past. The Swiss man who reacted to the offer as he wanted to die, backed out and contacted the police after realising how serious the perpetrator’s intentions were.

The shock for the man’s family must be overwhelming, but the whole episode poses the question once again as to how many secret cannibals, murderers, etc. pass as ordinary members of society while planning or carrying out such violent acts, and how long they remain undetected.


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  2. doesnt come as any surprise for a country like Slovakia where racism, crime and killing is rampant

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