Condolences Book for Dame Thatcher at British Embassy

The British Embassy in Bratislava has set up a Condolences book for those wishing to pay their respects to former UK prime minister, the late Lady Margaret Thatcher, who died earlier this week aged 87.

Lady Margaret Thatcher. Foto:

Although she had more than enough enemies, in Slovakia she had a good reputation for turning round the British economy, regardless of her means. The Condolences book was made available at the Embassy yesterday (Panská ulica 16, Bratislava) and can be signed at the following times:

10 April 9.00 – 12.00 and 13.30 – 17.00
11 April 9.00 – 12.00 a 13.30 – 17.00
12 April 9.00 – 13.30



  1. A four-party coalition consisting of both KDH and SaS was never going to work in a zillion years – no matter who was at the head of it. At the outset it might have seemed possible that Radicova’s ‘female intuition’, ‘persuasive skills’ etc might have held the thing together, but it all degenerated very quickly into these outbursts of emotional blackmail. You don’t lead governments like that.

    Obviously Thatcher had the advantage of leading governments with outright majorities, but most of the time she got the leadership balance right. Be more of a man than the men when it suits, use your feminine wiles when that suits.

    Agreeing with something George says, and giving Thatcher credit for something – the sunshine must have got to me.

    1. Jimbo, it is quite amazing how many that are first not for me on this forum, later start to all agree with me,no? …….

      BTW James how are are the hemorrhoids these day ?

      1. Well, as the great Lady T herself might have said, where once there was division, let us bring unity. Even if it’s only likely to be once a year or so.

        Inquiries about other peoples’ nether regions (much as I appreciate the concern) might best be diverted to another thread, don’t you think?

        1. Sorry, but that`s life Jim, but not as we know it .

          I thought the cream had perhaps solved the problem, obviously not ?

  2. What happened to the lady PM here?

    1. Rado`ova ? She was found to be the Playdoh Lady, rather than the Iron Lady, and was for U Turning at every turn . She was also a dope tactical political player, who kept going into hissy fits with her team of boys.

      1. well George, I must admit your collocation “Playdoh Lady” made my day 🙂

    2. She turned out to be more a man than the self effaciating Marys she was obliged to form a government with and who would rather let BnM and the Bandits back into power rather than make a unified stand against him.

      1. Oh come now DC, Rado was hardly `a man` as how many times can you threaten to resign, just to get your political way? Finally, her bluff was called. She used `resign` like some woman use sex to get their way ….Sadly, if she wanted to make her point to the vegetables in her own party, she should have sacked Miko the Finance Minister over that Kosice Tax Office debarkle and had the police investigate if his little feeving fingers were all over this deal . That would have raised a few hairs on the boys necks and shown she had grown some political balls .

        1. Very true George but it would have still resulted in the collapse of her government. Miko’s buddies would rally to his side even if caught with the cash in his pocket. Quite obvious loyalty only extends to your nearest and dearest here, and the country can go to the dogs. BnM and the Bandits on the other hand cover each others backsides no matter what.

  3. God Bless you Maggie .

    Shame this country called Slowvakia, has never had a Prime Minister with some Balls .

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