Loyalty Knows No Bounds for Crony Experts

Daily Hospodarske Noviny recently drew attention to the illustrious career of Mrs. Ruzena Lovasova, who previously held the post as economic director at state-owned heating company Bratislavska teplarenska (BT).

Lovasova worked at BT before leaving under media pressure at how she had allowed a payment of around EUR 3,300 from the company accounts to a plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic, although she claimed that she had never undergone any surgery, something only her lack of wrinkles could contest.

Lovasova was also at the centre of a EUR 33 million payment made from BT to financial giant J&T, although the money was intended to go to the Treasury. Upon leaving BT in 2010, she was duly awarded a handsome severance payment of EUR 98,000.

Despite her questionable past, Lovasova then managed to hook the job of vice-chair of the Supervisory Committee with the highly lucrative gas transmission system operator Eustream in March. Her appointment to the post is defended by the Ministry of Economy, with spokesman Stanislav Jurikovic noting how her “expert traits are beyond question”. What is meant by that exactly is not clear.


  1. On the subject of Crony`s …

    Minister Robert Kalinak will propose the aide of Justice Minister Tomáš Borec, Lucia Kurilovska, as the new rector of the Police Academy in Bratislava.
    This bird Kurilovská, will fill the vacancy left by the departure of Mr Krajnik, following his departure on corruption charges.

    Kurilovska has been teaching for 20 years at the Law Faculty of Comenius University. She stated the era of corruption and manipulated admission tests at the academy has ended. Well for now eh?

    Yuuuup guys , you can put lipstick on pig and it is still a pig

  2. Is there no end to this cronyism!
    i just wish someone could do the rather large maths, and work out how much these crooked leaders cost, the average man in this country!

    The whole lot of them are lower than a snake’s belly.
    There all like crack whores waiting to shoot up on the tax payers next fix.

  3. She is but one of the many that help give this country its ever worse reputation. I don’t know what is sadder, her continued wallowing with the rest of the crony elite or the fact nobody seems to give a fig about her dubious activities.

    1. Ditto the other two comments …

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