Corruption and Organised Crime Units To Merge

Speaking on Slovak Radio programme Radiozurnal, interior minister Robert Kalinak informed how one of the first tasks that newly appointed police commissioner Tibor Gašpar should deal with is to merge the Anti-Corruption Office and the Anti Organised Crime Office.

Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

Kalinak could not say exactly how this would be done, but the idea also has the backing of former interior minister Daniel Lipsic, who says he planned the same if the government’s term hadn’t been cut short. Lipsic noted that the key point, though, was who would occupy the posts in the newly created unit.


  1. I think Alec has been at the sherry bottle again ?

  2. Since there is no corruption in Slovakia it makes absolute sense to merge this dormant organisation with the serious crime unit. With the new police chief at the helm I expect t we will see and to serious organised crime too.

    1. Alec – your not suggesting that this and other moves by Bobby no Mates and his crew is in anyway an attempt to smooth the way for forthcoming dodgy dealings, are you?
      Credit where credit is due, It is clearly an exercise in efficiency, they will only have to find one nodding dog “yes” man to sweep things under the carpet, instead of two! and there will be a 50% saving in envelopes for the backhanders and bungs!

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