ex-President Kovac speaks from hospital bed

Former Slovak President, Michal Kovac, spoke to TASR today, saying his health was relatively good.
“It seems better… but you never know. As we say – man proposes, God disposes. It’s in God’s hands now,” said Kovac, demonstrating his pragmatic outlook on life once again.
Just now the ex-President is hospitalised at the Neurological Clinic of Kramare hospital in Bratislava, where he was taken after he repeatedly collapsed at St. Michael’s Hospital, after being admitted for nausea and dizzy spells.
The former president, aged 79, suffers from Parkinson’s disease and has been hospitalised since 12 July.
Kovac explained to TASR: “It’s important to rest more at my age, and I worked without respite. I took on a lot of work, and so my organism eventually got weak, especially because of the Parkinson’s disease being always present to inflame the situation”.

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