Fico: Voters To Choose Between Stability and Chaos

At a press conference yesterday, head of opposition party Smer-SD Robert Fico announced that his party would like to form a strong and stable two-party government after the March 2012 early elections.

Smer-SD confident about elections (c) The

Fico said that Smer-SD was inclined to a two-party coalition even if it were to win a majority in parliament, so that the two parties could keep check on each other, ensuring what he referred to as a “stable and strong government”.

The press conference came in reaction to statements made on Sunday by chairman of the main right-wing party SDKU, Mikulas Dzurinda, who ruled out any post-election co-operation with Fico’s Smer-SD party. This is par for the course before each election, as the right-wing parties group in fear that one of them will desert to the other side.

Fico said he was surprised at Dzurinda already ruling out the strongest party in the country, and he believes that the SDKU party is now afraid of the liberal SaS party, which could swipe many of its voters. Whatever the election results, the final outcome may once again rest in the hands of the Christian democratic KDH, as it is the most likely candidate to join forces with Smer-SD.

Former PM Fico believes that a two-party government will be the best for Slovakia’s future stability instead of the kind of willy-nilly  government that the current coalition represents. He therefore called on voters to choose between stability or a continuation of the past 18 months of chaos. “The dice have been cast”, he retorted.

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