Former Interior Minister Lipsic Sets Up “New Majority” Party

As anticipated, former interior minister Daniel Lipsic is setting up a new political party with colleague Jana Zitnanska as his right-hand women, so to speak, after they both left the long-standing Christian democratic KDH party earlier this year.

Daniel Lipsic (c) The Daily

The party is to be called Nova vacsina, literally The New Majority, and Lipsic is promoting it as an open party that will hand more power to the people instead of politicians, like getting people to help create a new Constitution, vote judges into their posts, or the combining of elections and referendums.

At a press conference on Saturday, the founders explained how setting up the party was in reaction to Slovaks being sick and tired of the current state of affairs. “The time for cosmetic alterations is over. The Slovak Republic must be rebuilt from scratch, which means new kinds of politics, economics and morals” Lipsic said. Among other things, the party plans to target the long-term unemployed, who would lose their social allowances if refusing work. They also hope to lobby more assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Playing the teachers card, especially as they are about to go on strike on 13 September over pay rises, Lipsic’s new party promises a 50% payrise for them, using public administration reform and the constraining of tax evasion as the sources for the bold plan.

Some analysts have already spoken down the chances of the party ever coming to anything, with Miroslav Kusy telling TA3 that it will only lead to further splintering of the already fragmented and overcrowded political right wing. Lipsic and Zitnanska shouldn’t expect too many sheep to follow them from their formerly beloved KDH party either, as it has shown strong resilience over the years to any criticism or threats from defectors, as the strong member base tends to remain stable and obedient.

The party now has to gather the necessary 10,000 signatures to register officially, which the founders expect to have done by October.


  1. Nice one Danny Boy! The centre right voters will all be if they are given many more choices of parties. Splitting the vote further will only result in BnM cruising to victory in the future or short lived coalitions that fold because of “internal squabbles”.
    “Cosmetic alterations” – thats all successive Sk governments have ever done – there isn’t one politician let alone a party who have the bottle or the spine to do what is required.
    Non news item I am afraid. Even if this new party does get off the ground it will make little change to the current circus and may even make thing worse.

  2. KDH is the only party which takes back “deserters”. Like Simko f.e.. I’m sure Lipsic can always come back if he wants /probably won’t/.

    I wish Lipsic all the best!!!

  3. Danny, Danny, Danny ………why for `art a Dipstick ??? The only new movement going on here, is likely to be going down the toilet .

    Anyone now remember ex KDH, ex Minister, ex Vampire ….Vlado Palko ….he who terrorised the Police Force ?

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