Gorilla Protesters To Circle Parliament

Gorilla activists plan to circle Slovak parliament today with a human chain with around 500 people already registered for the protest on Facebook, according to TASR.

Slovak Parliament (c) The Daily

The protest is part of the ongoing demonstrations sparked off by the Gorilla affair, which include protest marches throughout the country. On Friday 3 February the largest gathering to date took place in Bratislava, with an estimated 9,000 or so protesters attending.

Friday’s protest did not end so well, though, as certain extremists made their presence known by throwing fireworks at the Government Office, for instance. The organisers of the protests distance themselves from the troublemakers.

The police eventually used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the group of angry protesters that had made its way up to parliament.

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  1. Is this `ring a ring of roses `circle around things, of some Slovak significance ?

    Too blooming cold to stand there and protest …

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