Government set on investor for BA airport

Bratislava Airport © The Daily

After winning the elections, the previous government of Robert Fico immediately halted plans put in place by the outgoing government of Mikulas Druzinda to privatise Bratislava M.R. Stefanik Airport to a strategic investor.

Now the government of Iveta Radicova is pushing forward its plans to find an investor for the airport, but not necessarily by selling a stake in the operation.

Transport minister Jan Figel announced the news at a press conference on Friday, saying the investor could operate as a concessionaire and so privatisation might not be necessary. Figel said they were still working on the concept, which he hopes to present to the government in February.

SME daily quotes BoD chairman of the airport operator, Maros Jancula, as saying that there are several options for the entry of such a partner to the airport, and that as the partnership would be for many years to come, it had to be given due consideration and the right model found.

Bratislava Airport has enjoyed growth in passenger numbers for many years now, and this trend looks set to continue also thanks to a special airport tax could be introduced in Austria, which would raise prices at Vienna airport by up to EUR 35 per person.

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