Government wants to privatise key enterprises

Privatisation targets include Bratislava Airport

The government will be going ahead with its plans to privatise some of the last remaining key state enterprises, including the main heating companies, railway company ZSSK Cargo and Bratislava Airport.

The government announced its plans already when mapping out its manifesto, but some analysts approached by Pravda daily believe it is a wrong move. For example, Peter Golias from the INEKO think tank believes it would be better if the company had the right management installed. He admits, though, that this is unlikely considering the fact that it has not been successful to date, and so it might be better to let private investors take over.

Another analyst, Marian Vitkovic from the economic think tank NIE, said that it was senseless. He referred to the heating plants as being local utilities, saying prices would just go up with the arrival of private investors as their main objective is to generate as much profit as possible. He also feels that giving up the cargo railway company is a lost opportunity for the state, as the enterprise could be very profitable if run properly. He compared the planned privatisations to selling off the family jewels.

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