Investigation Launched into Collapse of 5-Storey Building

Following the sudden collapse of a new five-storey complex on Plynarenska Street on Sunday, a criminal investigation ahs begun to determine liability for the dangerous accident, which fortunately claimed no casualties as the building had not yet been handed over or certified for use.

Illustrative photo

It was lucky nobody was hurt, as the complex is part of the 3nity development, surrounded by even taller blocks of flats, which the fire brigade and police evacuated until the area had been checked, but the concerned residents were let back into their homes later in the evening.

Experts have been analysing the scene since the collapse in the hope of finding the cause of the collapse, which was most likely due to hasty work either on the side of the designers or the construction company, because even though the area is part of the former floodplain of the River Danube, this should not pose a problem if the construction calculations are properly dealt with.

The collapse of the complex, which was to house a wellness centre and underground parking, is now subject to the police investigation for posing a public threat.


  1. Alec – A classic, pure genius, can’t stop laughing. The polystyrene was most likely the only thing holding it up!

    Police investigation? no doubt supported by the local building inspectorate who failed to see the problem in the first place.
    The blame circle will be interesting as all concerned will try to cover their own arses. No doubt, probably sometime next decade when the incident is a distant memory, we will learn the result of the investigation and discover those responsible are living in some foreign land.
    If I were a resident of one of the tower blocks in the same development I’d move out now despite all the assurances and I think selling flats in the area will be like pushing string uphill.

  2. Is there no end to your smugness ?

  3. Clearly the polystyrene insulation panels weren’t fixed in accordance with Slovak building norms.

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