Ireland bailout: PM stays silent, Sulik disagrees

Richard Sulik does not agree with the bailout loan for Ireland, but accepts it - photo (c) John Boyd -The Daily

As Ireland sinks deeper and deeper into its self-induced economic nightmare, analysts agree that there is a strong likelihood that the country will eventually request a loan from the European Financial Stability Facility.

If this happens and the country fails to repay the money, the final bill will fall to everyone in the EU, including the people of Slovakia. Parliamentary chairman and head of ruling SaS party, Richard Sulik, says that although he would not agree with Slovakia chipping in its support, the country would probably have to play its part anyway.

Ireland is projected to need a bailout of about EUR 50 billion and when PM Iveta Radicova was queried as to whether Slovakia would help out, she said she would not comment “until we’ve received an official request from Ireland.” She did not fail to add, though, that Slovakia was right to refuse Greece a loan before.

If Slovakia participates in the possible loan for Ireland, it will probably have to cough up some EUR 300 million, but the final figure could be much more, depending on the scope of credit that Ireland requests in the end, if at all.

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