J&T Plans Massive Amusement Park

Financial giant J&T is contemplating setting up a massive amusement and aqua park full of attractions that are not available in Slovakia just now, like a large roller coaster, for instance, while possibly hoping to get state assistance for the project.

According to an article in daily SME today, the company is ready to invest in the range of EUR 150 million into the project, which would generate jobs for around 1500 people, qualifying it for investment stimulus or tax holidays. J&T has announced it would welcome even practical assistance with arrangement of necessary documents and permits, with the project to go ahead under its Tatry Mountain Resorts subsidiary.

The large entertainment complex would cover around 100 hectares, and could adopt the theme of Little Mole theme, which TheDaily reported on back in June 2013. The company is still keen on that option, subject to agreement.


  1. I’d love a copy of their business plan. Theme parks need constant numbers coming through the gates and I don’t think they could attract them. Didn’t a smaller theme park close a few years ago in the same area because of falling numbers? Sounds very suspicious to me, it’s got to be some form of con trick.

  2. Private company building an amusement park, Great!
    Government stimulus package, tax breaks Bad!
    It would no doubt end up costing the hard taxed masses more than they would gain.
    Another gimmick, to get permits to throw up another hotel in the national park or on cheap land.
    Though at least one could sit in comfort while observing the white elephant..

  3. Nothing new there then ……the whole of Slowvakia is a roller coaster and amusement park to the rest of the EU.

    Love the idea of a theme little mole …for that tunneling all those bribes, investment stimulus, or tax holidays.

    1. All right George M, you hit the nail right square on the head as you always do.

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