Krajcer is bad politician, says former head of STV

Krajcer is just showing off says Niznansky, photo (c) The Daily

In an interview for TASR newsire, the former general director of Slovak Television, Stefan Niznansky, has attacked the ability of culture minister Daniel Krajcer in politics.

In the interview, Niznansky acknowledged Krajcer as a good anchorman when he worked on private TV channels Markiza and Joj, but said he was an unskilled politician who was making senseless mistakes.

The biggest contention Niznansky has is how Krajcer has put off the signing of the addendum on continued subsidies for the state-run Slovak Television (STV), saying Krajcer knows that he will have to sign it in the end and that he was probably just showing off for the sake of looking good to the public.

Niznansky also refuted recent claims about how STV had been wasting money as being politically motivated. The claims were made by artists working for the television station, and an internet site was even set up to back up their claims.

With the merger of STV and Slovak Radio (SRo) on 1 January 2011, Niznansky was toppled from his post after parliamentary chairman Richard Suik nominated the head of the radio broadcaster Miloslava Zemkova as the interim director of the newly established broadcasting corporation RTVS.

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