Miklos investigated for endorsing a tour operator

Sometimes it seems like those in parliament have nothing better to do than to dig up anything they can on their ‘rivals’, regardless of whether they are in the opposition or in power.

This trend has been noted again most recently by the Smer-SD party releasing a 11-yr old recording of current foreign affairs minister and former PM Mikulas Dzurinda, by which they accuse him of corrupt and crony practices.

Now Smer is at the mud-throwing again, as Smer MP Renata Zmajkovicova has lodged a complaint against finance minister Ivan Miklos (SDKU). The complaint is about the use of Miklos’ name in an advertisement for a tour operator, which was published in daily SME.

Zmajkovicova, who as chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee for Conflicts of Interests has every right to investigate matters like this, says Miklos is promoting business activities, which is in breach of the Constitution.

The advert contains two photos of Miklos and a quotation regarding his satisfaction with the tour operator’s services. Miklos explained that his quotation has been regurgitated from four years ago and that it was not paid in any way. He also pointed out that he did not hold a ministerial post at the time.

Even so, this has not dampened Zmajkovicova’s zeal and so she wants the committee to initiate disciplinary action against Miklos because the law states that public officials may not use their identity, name, face, pictures, voice or signature to endorse any promotional activity.

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