MPs Plan Another Anti-Corruption Protest

The opposition MPs who organised the protest meeting against now ousted parliamentary speaker Pavol Paska are not content with his resignation and plan another protest, this time demanding discussions with Prime Minister Robert Fico, who refused their request.

Thousands protested for Paska to stand down. He did so the next day (c) TheDaily.SK

The MPs, Daniel Lipsic, Igor Matovic, Richard Sulik and Alojz Hlina, are calling on people to converge on SNP Square in Bratislava on Tuesday 25 November, after the Prime Minister refused to entertain them. PM Fico said he was not getting involved in political games with politicians who have minimum public support.

The MPs want to discuss the level of corruption in the Slovak health service and in general, and to outline plans to eradicate it, with them putting forward a six-point proposal. They are demanding more systemic changes and not just the recall of those who are caught, for instance, as well as material liability for those in public office. Without willingness from PM Robert Fico’s standalone Smer-SD government, however, nothing can move forward.

The protest will start on SNP square before heading up to parliament, which will be in session at the time. One of the proposals being put forward is for legislation to be pushed through banning certain types of companies, like those with anonymous owners, from taking part in public procurement.


  1. First to tell you the Slovak library sucks.Who reads books in brown paperback covers all the same size? You can tell lots about a place by its public library.It should have computers for adults as well as children,music to comfort the soul and art for expression.
    Reluctance to change is understandable,a bit scary at the most. Fix the system so you can be accountable to the people.

  2. BnM refusing to talk to duly elected members of Parliament – Tinpot Dictator me thinks. Then again he has a history of ignoring the most basic of democratic principles, including the constitution, when it suits him or his party of bandits.
    Maybe BnM should demonstrate just how much public support he has and call a General Election ASAP……..Ah but that would be before any vote buying policies could be steamrollered through to secure victory.
    The issue regarding his reluctance to even discuss reforms of how public money is spent speaks volumes, his Government has done nothing about this and some of his senior bandits have had their names linked to an ever growing list of dodgy deals. One has to wonder why more rigorous control of procurements is so low on his agenda…….or is he one of the fat men at the “all you can eat buffet”?

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