New Kiev-Bratislava Flights Four Times a Week

Bratislava Airport © The Daily.SK

AirOnix Airlines has started regular flights on the route Kiev (Juliani) to Bratislava. In November, the airline received the appointment of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine and so launched a new direct connection between the two European capitals on 1 March.

Flights will be operated four times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) on the following schedule:

Flight number Route Departure time Time of arrival Days of operation
OG301 Kiev – Bratislava 10.30 11.30 01.03.201327.10.2013
OG302 Bratislava – Kiev 13.00 16.00 01.03.201327.10.2013

The flights will be by modern Boeing-737 in two-class configuration (premium and economy), with passengers being offered meals and soft drinks on board.


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