New Labour Code Passed Today

Labour minister Jozef Mihal (c) The Daily

The government managed at long last to pass its revision to the Labour Code today, but not after a multitude of modifications and compromises were made.

Carrying 74 votes in favour, the new Labour Code amends labour rules across-the-board, with changes to notice periods, trial periods and holiday entitlement, as well as a competition clause preventing employees from working in the same field for a period of one year after leaving an employer.

There is also now the choice for employees to take severance pay instead of working off the notice period and some groups will have more days of holiday.

The opposition was also not happy with the new Labour Code, saying it is too vague and still left too much to be negotiated between employees and employers. Trade unions have been demonstrating against the planned revision for months, claiming that it will affect the living standard of thousands of people throughout the country.

The revision will take effect from September.

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