‘New’ opposition want more control

As it won outright in the elections, PM Fico has been demanding for his SMER-SD party the post of Parliamentary Chair and control over certain public authorities like the Supreme Audit Office or the Office of Public Procurement. Nationalist party SNS is also trying to lobby for control over these two authorities, but the new coalition of SDKU-DS, SaS, KDH and Most-Hid have decided by agreement that the opposition would be assigned the same tasks as those assigned to the opposition for the 2006-2010 term.

This means Robert Fico and Jan Slota will be given the vice-chair positions in Parliament and a third of the representation in parliamentary committees, instead of control over them, which is what Fico was demanding.

The previous government basically took total control after the 2006 elections, giving very little power to the oppositions parties, so the parties can hardly expect to receive a different level of respect now.

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