New Witness Claims Rezesova Pushed Punto Off Road

The case on the traffic accident involving Eva Varholikova-Rezesova, which led to four people being burned alive, has taken a new turn as a truck driver witness comes out with new evidence, claiming Rezesova had been pushing dangerously on the Fiat Punto.

The accident happened on the M3 motorway in Hungary early in the morning of 21 August, when Rezesova’s BMW apparently ploughed into a Fiat Punto, which then exploded into flames after crashing into a barrier, killing all four people inside. A bottle of alcohol was found in her car and she showed 1.5 pro mille of alcohol in a test.

photo (c) Russianname

The truck driver, who police have been hunting for the past few weeks, says he saw how Rezesova’s car had been blinking at and pressurising the Fiat Punto. He also claims that once the Punto had pulled in to the inside lane, Rezesova continued to tail it dangerously from behind for several kilometres, as if she wanted to “punish” the driver for getting in her way.

The police believe that other truck drivers must have also witnessed this chase, so if the allegations prove true, Rezesova could be facing up to 15 years in a Hungarian prison for second degree murder.


  1. However I hope for straight procces, I think that Varholikova lost her reputation so much, that it does not matter wheter she will be jailed or not.

    1. Does this website give complimentary nuts to demented posters ?

      1. I think yes. Otherwise, I can’t explain why you are flooding here.

  2. Given this family`s contacts in high places it will be interesting to see just how `powerless to intervene ` in the Hungarian Justice system, the Slowvak Foreign Affairs Ministry is in this particular case?

    I also expect a lot of accident witnesses will be appearing from the woodwork …….there is gold in them there Rezes family hills !

  3. GEORGE!!!!
    Tell us how stupid Rezesova is again please, please, pretty please. ūüôā

    The truth is I agree completely with George on his comments from the previous Rezesova article. This is not a complicated case, they need to finally put this one to bed and lock her up for life. Her one life in prison is not even enough to make up for the 4 lives lost…

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