Parents Kept Dead Girl’s Corpse for 3 Years; Authorities Didn’t Check

The tragic discovery of the body of a 5-yr old girl whose corpse had been kept for an estimated three years in a flat in Ruzinov-Bratislava, has led the authorities to question why there is no system in place for noticing that children of school age are not at any school.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The terrible scene met police officers at the weekend when they came to evict the parents of the deceased girl from their illegally occupied flat. It seems the girl had been tortured to death by her 32-yr old stepfather and the parents had kept the body so they could keep drawing child benefit. The man has been charged with her murder.

The case has caused a difference of opinion between local authorities and the Ministry of Interior, however, as the boroughs don’t check absences like this, although by law local government bears that obligation. The Ministry, on the other hand, believes it could be done easily using a central population register.


  1. Dave, George,
    This happen everywhere and SloVakia is not a heaven! For sure not! Man who did this is already in jail and Social department requested an crime investigation on locak Social department here. Beleive me these people will be responsible for what they did – or they didn`t.
    Just one note to your unprofesional and provoke notes. We`re in democracy for last 20 years. We still need to create some procedures. While you`re got democracy for free and created Social service several years ago which is not favourite one either in UK citizens…

    1. Peter with the greatest respect, whilst Slovakia is a young democratic country of just 20 years, nearly half the people never bother to even vote in an election. And those that did, a million of them voted for the most egotistical team of inexperienced crooks and pratt`s Slowvakia, have ever seen, based on RF`s election bribes, that he has still to deliver. ( the teachers pay rise for one ) . .

      I know these things, sad abuse and murder happen all over the world but this website is after all about Slowvakia ? The excuse for anything eye brow raising on here is always ….well look at your own country, huff, huff huff, or the the other 200 countries huff , huff, huff, shift the blame, shift the blame, we are not as good as some, but better than others huff, huff, huff ……….Rather than just take responsiblity for anything bad etc .

      Look at the lack of any real comments from the Sloavaks on this very sad thread …No written complaints to the Ministry, no demands of the President, no marching in a demo .

      Hell and high water was cast on Britain and the British for daring to remove Slowvak children, they believed were in danger …The hypocrisy is just deafening.

      1. I have a feeling that you`re more interested to Mr. Fico than the other more important things… Well, OK. Do you know why nearly half of the people did not want to vote or that the milion voted Mr. Fico. Its because our group of “right party” destoroyed them self… So, lot of people in Slovakia did not have better choise only to vote to Mr. Fico or did not go to last election. Hence only 50% were there. Take a look 6 years ago. You will figure out that there was an about 75% on election… Is this enought for you?
        Otherwise we will be out of Europe and Europe zone. Considering that our economy is extremly import orientated to Germany and France we have no other choice. Or do you want another Greece in middle of Europe?
        Regarding comments: Two slovak ministers made their statement of the official departments web sides. Is this enough for you?

        1. Peter, See now your falling into the Slowvaks trap of just making huff, huff excuses ……I would rather you did not vote at all, in protest, rather than vote in the lesser of the evils ? I also believe you are little over excited with the vote percentage ? I believe the last three elections around 60-65% of the population bothered to vote, not 75% .Still what is 750,000 people in your vote error, this is after all Slowvakia ?

          ~~Regarding comments: Two slovak ministers made their statement of the official departments web sides. Is this enough for you?~~

          Sorry,but HUH ????

  2. Read the article “Dead unvover holes in social system”. It will correct some of your statements DC. Things are on the move.

    Seems like the SVK SS failed a big way. Shocking! It’s time to place the cockroaches in the daylight and put the Daleks on them if neccessary. Also looks like it’s one of few state offices that run out staff. Unbelievable.

    About bolting feelings: I would express my real feelings only in front of friends and family. Definitely not in front of bunch of trolls on this web site.

  3. Classic Slovak bolting the door after the horse ( in this case, child) has gone missing. Lets have some meetings to discuss what action to take attended by the same clueless officials responsible for this tradegy and who appear to have spent their time playing pass the parcel with who is to blame. What Slovakia does not already have procedures in place for such an eventuality – the 7 P’s theory obviously not been adopted here then! Even the strongest suggestion – fine those responsible two years wages – is a trite tame. Causing a death either by action OR inaction is manslaughter at least. The inaction was intentional ie people did not do their jobs, their management did not do their jobs, and so on all the way up the food chain to the political nominees and the politicians.
    Despite the obvious outrage this will almost go the way of most things in this country, some non entity will be the fall guy, the top dogs will carry on as before and a carpet somewhere will aquire some more lumps. Slowvakia – downwards, ever downwards!

    1. Outrage DC , I see no Slowvak outrage so far ???

      Numb, shamful silence more like .

      Where are the Facebook organised protests outside the Ministry of Family Affairs ?

      Now hanging your heads in shame Motherhood of Slowvaks ? These things only don`t happen if difficult choices are made, ALL JUST TO PROTECT THE CHILD ?

  4. No reason to share any Slovak feelings with heartless, arrogant and prejudiced foreigners on this web site just for their pleasure.

    It’s a tragedy and Slovakia is trully shocked! It’s time to clean the house of cockroaches.

    The UK SS has a big cleaning to do as well.

    My English friend told me on Wednesday about what happened in England in the past few days. Crazy man killed 2 women and then used a granade on their bodies. Crazy f..ks live everywhere.

    1. Dope , so you will share your grief over Brits , but not share your feelings over murdering, thieving Slowvaks . Says it all really .

  5. The most telling part of this sad tale is that this wonderful, caring country actually can not account for its children so this poor girls death may not be an isolated case.

  6. I woke this morning to read this headline . UNBELIEVABLE !

    Tragic and of course avoidable !

    This is of course a Newspaper lie, as this type of thing never happens in Slovakia . How can any Slovak believe Slovak Parents could do torture, abuse a 5 year old child and store the body, perhaps just for the child benefit and no one in the entire of Slovakia knew this was happening ? They were such loving parents when we met them . No, No it never actually happen here , it does not happen in the Milk and Honey land, we call Slovakia . It was all Britain`s fault, idea and to solve some quota problem of deaths in children .

    Natalie, Zoe, Petra etc etc etc …….Now smell the Coffee !

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