Parliament: Middle Fingers and Gorilla Nominees

More friction in parliament yesterday as MP Alojz Hlina from the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party (OLaNO) contested the nomination of Daniel Vegh by the Most-Hid party as supervisory board head of the National Property Fund (FNM), which was at the centre of the Gorilla corruption allegations while Vegh worked there previously, heading the executive board.

Slovak Parliament, often lacking political culture (c) The

Vegh’s nomination went ahead all the same, with support pre-agreed with the stand-alone government of Robert Fico, but Hlina’s stance, including the demand that interior minister Robert Kalinak produce a full report on the Gorilla investigation as soon as possible, provoked head of Most-Hid Bela Bugar to stick his middle finger up at Hlina several times after the vote.

Bugar initially denied making the gesture, but under the threat of camera records and others who saw him do it, he admitted that he had reacted that way and had hoped Hlina would take it with some humour. Hlina went to the parliamentary security office to demand the tape, hoping to use it to show the kind of respect shown in parliament.

Vegh’s name crops up in the Gorilla reports, which puts him in the role of a kind of servant, but Vegh denies having taken orders from anyone and says he has no knowledge of any illegal actions or bribery at the FNM, which ironically has always been at the centre of crony suspicions as it decides on privatisations, for instance.

In casual style, Robert Fico is keeping his hands off the nomination, relaying via his spokeswoman Beatrice Hudakova: “The post of chairman of the Supervisory Board of the FNM belongs to the opposition, which bears full responsibility for the proposed candidate”. The candidacy was given green also thanks to the support of his majority Smer-SD party.

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  1. Finger pointing, name calling, and nice gestures of respect….. Sounds like someone is being set up to fall! Bugar denying his actions and then realizing that the cameras don’t lie is just typical for Slovakia government! I can’t wait to see who is jailed for the Gorilla Corrunption allegations!

    I would pay to see these people all get into the ring and fight it out! Then again, it would be better for all these individuals to be put on non-paid suspension until their names are truly cleared! All guilty until proven innocent!

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