Penta’s Privatbanka Hits Back at Lipsic’s Threats

Privatbanka, which has been subject to attacks from now former interior minister Daniel Lipsic, has hit back at claims and statements made yesterday by the former minister.

Privatbanka is part of financial group Penta, and is now saying that Lipsic made a strong attack on the bank and released only partial information to the public when he said the bank had failed to report two suspect financial translations worth EUR 7 million and could lose its licence.

Director of Privatbanka, Lubos Sevcik, explained how the investigation was still very much pending and how they had only found out about it the same morning that Lipsic made his comments. The bank therefore has five days to appeal or contest the findings. Sevcik is also not happy about how Lipsic disclosed sensitive bank information and so is warning of yet another criminal complaint being filed over how the investigation has been handled.

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