photo (c) John Boyd

PM tells opposition there was no motorway to halt

In parliament yesterday, 9 September, Prime Minister Iveta Radicova responded to opposition criticism by explaining that the current cabinet had not halted construction of the D1 motorway, because there was, in fact, nothing to halt.

“There was basically nothing to halt, because the consortium was unable to demonstrate sufficient funds that are needed to meet the commitment, and the only thing we ended up with were cut down trees and interference to protected areas, which the European Commission disapproved of,” said the PM.

The consortium of companies that were to implement the project failed to secure a bank loan regarding 75-km of the D1 motorway by 31 August.

“After 16 months of waiting, it really was about time to say ‘enough’ and not extend the deadline any further,” said Radicova. Transport minister Jan Figel refused to extend the deadline further, as it had already been put back six times by former transport minister Lubomir Vazny.

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