Police Commissioner Believes Gorilla May Be Authentic

In a lengthy interview for daily SME about the Gorilla affair (pointing to corrupt ties between politicians and financial group Penta), police commissioner Jaroslav Spišiak gave his thoughts and his opinion on whether he thinks the reports could be authentic.

Gorilla (c) Raul654

Spisiak admitted the possibility that what is outlined in the Gorilla reports could be true, saying “politics in Slovakia could have been done in the way described in the alleged secret service dossier Gorilla”. Spisiak said that in his opinion, as two time police commissioner, the events described in the reports could have taken place.

Spisiak said he was surprised that the police had not received any information about the Gorilla operation from the secret service SIS at the time, but that he was made aware of the case when he took up the post as police commissioner. It was journalist Tom Nicholson who came to Spisiak in person and presented him with the materials he had, informing him of what progress had been made, or rather had not been made.

Spisiak said that if the secret service really did have information about events that were about to take place, they should have informed the police and so now there would be no Gorilla case. He was critical of how many politicians and journalists knew about Gorilla, but did nothing about it. The police also did not, though, but Spisiak claims this is because they were planning the investigation carefully.

Spisiak confirmed that he was aware of financial groups often trying to influence people in the police to promote their own interests, and also that the secret service SIS had very often tried to discredit police officers who were working on SIS cases, like former policeman Jan Rejda, who recently confirmed that some of the events in Gorilla reports had taken place.

The police commissioner expects the police to have some results from the ongoing investigation within the next month.

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