Police Introduce Driving Test in English from January

The Slovak police have decided to make it possible for more foreigners to take their driving test in Slovakia without some interpreter, by carrying out the test in English.

photo (c) The Daily.sk

Till now the test could only be taken in the Slovak and Hungarian languages, while foreigners could take the test if accompanied by an interpreter. The option to take the test in English should be available at testing centres from 19 January 2013.


  1. Juraj,
    If the Schengen border has encompassed virtually the whole of Asia, the Americas, and Africa for the past 47 years then you must be right. I am not entering the “my dad is bigger than your dad” scenario, because assumptions are nearly always wrong.

    1. I am surprised you haven’t commented the link below then, you must have very own special opinion then ..lol

  2. At July 2012 a holiday travelers website made the statistic, where 30 000 people answered question regarding worst drivers in whole Europe:


    Eeehm, somehow Britain is even vorse than Belgium.
    LOL, and it also match My personal experience Italy-worst , Austria – best.
    Those experts on this forum are aparently somehow “untraveled” it seems!

    1. No surprise there if all the good British drivers are currently residing in SVK 😀

      The European tourists find the British women the least attractive. That’s a bit harsh. I had several good British female friends and I can say they definitely have their charm.

      My English friend cried over the lunch today about some research saying that only 48% Londoners are Brits originally, less then 50% Christians – not sure exatly about the numbers as I didn’t pay much attention to it. Seems like the whole UK is going down the hill anyway.

      1. I have heard that in news today too- just 44.9 per cent of Londoners are White British, according to latest census data. Probably that’s is why is London still doing relatively well against rest of the UK.
        Also, less than 90 per cent of country is white for the first time ever. Hopefully this won’t be a problem ,as soon as they don’t force their religion views as they are used to.

  3. Juraj,
    The bad picture Dave is painting is true.Slovakia is one of the worst countries in the world to drive in. Lack of discipline, aggressive and downright stupidity. If you honestly think like you do, I suggest you change your tablets. This is not about condemning Slovakia or it’s people, but recognition of some facts that until accepted will not change the situation.

    1. In the world Alec? We know its not true. Unless the world is the EU. And then maybe.

      1. OK…I have driven in many areas of the world, and Slovakia is not the worst, by far! Sure the roads are not the best…blame this on the Russian occupancy! When it comes to driving safe, the only place you can do so is in your own driveway! There are careless and reckless drivers everywhere… it is not just SK. It has been pointed out though that most of the “Risk Takers”, passing everyone in line to gain a spot in front have a BA license plate. However, the amount of Polish vehicles involved with winter time accidents must be higher than just SK. I hate to say it, but everyone drives at their own pace, and if you can’t keep up or defensively drive, you will be consumed… I started driving at age 12, on country roads and in the mountains, this was normal for many I grew up with, it was these lessons that keeps us safe on the icy roads. You complain about a few inches of snow, or even a few feet… try to drive in 3-4 meters of snow that has not been plowed! You all need a wakeup call… Drive when the roads are clear, stay off them if you can’t drive under certain situations, learn to drive on icy and snow covered roads. and don’t tailgate! I know that George and Dave will comment…as expected, but I am correct… Anyone who thinks that driving in Europe is hard, try driving in the US State with the rated worst roads in the country with 90% of the traffic coming from large transport vehicles on roads that are under construction 24/7 365 day a year. You guys don’t know how to “Merge” from an on ramp… you don’t know how to “give way” or to “Back Off”… you all drive like it was your first time on a road! You all drive like crap in Europe, and I have been all over Europe! No accidents on my license! You all need to wake up and realize that your driving causes accidents. Too fast, passing on blind corners, not giving space for stopping, and not looking behind as well as in front to allow the guy who doesn’t gove a damn to pass! You are all bad drivers! I feel sorry for George, because he probably can’t drive his lovely Porsche the way ot should be driven due to everyone else!
        By the way…I use to race 914s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_914) in Canada and the US ,as well as one 944s with my Uncle…I love Prosche.so sorry George.. your ride is sweet, but the 911 has changes and the “Boxter”, which I too a few spins in was never in comparison to the 914 with the 911 mid-engine swap! WOW…talk about a fun ride!
        George… You have your criticism on Slovakia, but the insults should stop….it is just childish, even if you claim to be a mature man…you seek youth through dating younger women, driving flashy cars, and by trying to bewilder the readers and people adding to these pages… truly you are a man of success, but show it in your ability to hold your tongue and to only give what is relevant.

        1. I basically agree with you Expat,

          My father has been driving car since he was 18, me too, my brother too. I never forgot to use an indicator, always keep the speed /usually 5-7km/h under the speed limit/. Why should I drive faster? The police can be anywhere and the petrol is not cheap either.

          In my hometown Skalica /15.000 people/ cars stop 5-6m before the cross walking and let the pedestrians /who are waiting on the pathway/ pass first. Nobody parks where it is not allowed to park. The surveilence cameras are everywhere, when the police sees you, you can wait up to 3 min before they come. No excuse that you are just leaving works as the police’s answer is “sorry you are on the camera, we won’t be able to explain why you weren’t fined”. 40EUR!
          You always have to use the lights. When I forgot once-twice other pedestrians /I didn’t know/ signaled to me to turn the lights on.
          Everybody basically knows everybody, if you do something stupid people will judge you.

          I don’t like driving to Bratislava. I don’t know Bratislava well and usually while I’m there I incidentally break the rules 1-2x. That makes me nervous.
          Maybe the problem is that Bratislava people are too confident. I know when they see cars with a foreign or other SVK city’s plate number they leave you more space as they know that anything can happen.

          I was driving in Australia a lot, I was driving in the USA a bit. I trully don’t remember myself saying “wow, it’s so much better here”, maybe I got use to the better fast, I don’t know anymore.

          I had an accident only once. 12 years ago. In winter, in the mountains in the first curve as I left the higway. I got into a slide. My stupid mistake. My father told me on the phone 3 times to be carefull, well I didn’t listen and I paid for it. I hit the barriers on the right side. I was lucky, Since then I became a better driver. I agree with Juraj that the mountains increase the incident rate, also we need more tunnels. The serpentines in the mountains are dangerous.

          OK, one thing – my father doesn’t like using the seat belt. He was fined countless of times, he just hates it.

          1. Loggie
            I can’t believe it but you have actually hit the nail on the head regarding SVK driving – enforcement – some towns are excellent, Boynice, L.M., Svidnik and you mention Skalica ( Haven’t been there yet) – the police enforce the law, drivers behave and everyone is happy and safe. Our local plods don’t give a damn about anything, they have CCTV but don’t monitor it ( confirmed by the State Police ), drive past law breakers, often with a friendly wave. The State Police make regular tours of the town but they are angry at having to do the Mess AKA police’s work, one very good MP officer is transferring and moving his family to another town because of his colleagues attitude. The local chancers know the police aren’t bothered and just do as they like, make a formal complaint and your ignored, Slovak and foreign resident alike, call the police and they turn up hours later, if at all!
            My comments on SVK drivers were based on various observations I have made whilst here, to be fair I have experienced some very good drivers here, far better than some UK idiots, but a road full of angels is still a dangerous place if there is one clown.

          2. What are you playing a Bad cop/Good cop game?

            I’m still not clear what you mean by being a good driver. In my opinion it means to follow the traffic rules and have experience. I know plenty of drivers like that.
            I even know lots of overcautious drivers, who drive like there is a policeman sitting right next to them. They wait too long before turning at an intersection.

      2. ~~~~I even know lots of overcautious drivers, who drive like there is a policeman sitting right next to them. They wait too long before turning at an intersection. ~~~

        Are we talking dimwitted, low IQ, Slowvak drivers, Your `Friends`, gay or otherwise looking at your lap at the time, Chinese slit eyes …. or inflatable dolls here ?

    2. Jesus Alex, ” your world” is aparently bordered by Shenghens border.

  4. Actually Losgar a UK licence is valid until the age of 70 after which time it is necessary to fulfill some medical requirements. I know because I have recently renewed mine. If I had renewed it in Slovakia I would have to have a medical from the age of 60, I think. I don’t know why you keep knocking someone who actually bothers to find out useful information because it’s surely in everyone’s interest to clarify these obscure facts.

  5. Well, thanks to Dave for taking out time to do some definitive research we are all a lot wiser. The bad news is expat needn’t worry about competing with George’s nice little Porsche because unless he takes his Slovak driving license he is probably using his car illegally, not that anyone seems to care much here. In the event of an accident, however, the insurance might well choose not to pay up.
    The standard of driving is very poor in Slovakia but it is slowly improving. You will still see more stupid things in one day than in a lifetime driving in Northern Europe however. Belgium I exclude from that scenario.

    1. Oh heavens ! For one moment there Smug, I thought you were going to say it was illegal to jump start my lady, without a licence .

      No fully insured on all cars and a DL for the EU till 2020 .

      Funny , I had a whole conversation on a website several years ago with some guy in Sweden, with a Slowvak wife …and we agreed Belgium was even worse than Slovakia for driving.

    2. Kidding aside Alec.
      Grandpa offered wrong information. Officially after you move to the USA as a British citizen and live there longer then 1 year you have take the tests and apply for the local driving licence. Also you have to that if you become a resident.
      The fact that many foreigners living abroad don’t do that and the police doesn’t do anything about that is that it’s difficult to find out if you live in SVK longer then 6 months or in the USA longer then 1 year. How can the policeman find out how long you’ve been residing in the country?

      The British driving licence is valid till you hit 60 or 70. Grandpa actually says that you can use your EU UK driving licence till it expires, which means till you are 70? Wrong again!

      1. Loggie
        I don’t know where you get your information from but as usual you are talking tripe. The US Federal Government, the American Automobile Association, Hertz Car Rental etc are all wrong but our resident Slovak idiot is right – again! As each State has different driving and test regulations does that mean you have to take the test and get a licence in every State? Maybe if you’re Slovak. As your so tied up on residency, the UK driving licence is valid in the USA, however, as some States have specific medical requirements for different vehicle groups and your age, it is recommended that you contact the local DLA to comply with local regulations, that may require eye sight tests, a medical examination and a written or audio-visual exam – it does not mean you have to take their driving test.
        Yes the UK licence is valid until you are 70 and it can be extended beyond that age subject to specific conditions. The licence validity does not exclude the holder from the laws of the host nation – you must pass a medical at 60 in Spain for example, BUT the host nation must recognise the licence for all other purposes ( Article 1(2) DIR91/439/EEC ) AND issue, upon request, a host nation licence if required. There is and never has been a requirement for the Holder of an EU Model Driving Licence to take a driving test in the host nation. Even Kamikaze Svk drivers are free to drive around the UK on their EUMDL’s withour having to take the UK test – foolish but true. As Alec has posted – EU citizens may CHANGE their licence.
        Your question about the police just demonstrates how detached from reality you really are. It has nothing to do with any police officer how long an EU citizen has or has not been in an EU country – freedom of movement, work and residence – key principles of the EU and rights than can be exercised without interference – the fact that the Svk police are oblivious to that is yet another example of joining the club but ignoring the rules. I carry a Svk resident ID card but anyone who asks to see it has to give me a good reason or phone the UK embassy. In the States, as a foreigner, you must carry some acceptable form of ID, following 9/11 I don’t know what that ID is but when I was there I carried my passport, full driving licence, IDP and a document explaining my status and I was never asked to produce any of them.
        You seem to think I am wrong about driving at 70 on your UK licence – How, pray, would Slovakia know the age of a driver entering the country? your police can’t keep track of your own countrymen who have no driving licence, your not allowed internal border controls not to mention EU rules, Vienna Convention, etc, all agreements Slovakia and the rest of the EU have signed up to and MUST observe, or do you believe this one horse country can just make it up as it goes.

        1. Are you replying to my comment? I feel like not. Seriously, go and see a doctor. It’s never late to learn how to live with dyslexia.

          1. Grandpa check this answer:

            I guess it covers your 300 words essay on the topic.

          2. ~~~I feel like not ~~~~

            Your command of the English language leaves me breathless Nobhead .

          3. Boggie,
            Thanks for the wiki link which takes you to a site called Answers which has one comment on the subject posted by an idividual with even less grasp of the facts than you – still we now all know why you are so misinformed on so many things. Even if it had been a wiki article – wiki is not the oracle of all knowledge.
            I’ll stick to the information provided by the US government and AAA, who I believe know more about their own regulations than any ad-hoc commentator on some obscure site or you.
            But let us examine what this gem proposes – It mentions some 30 day alien visitors Visa – no such thing, presume it means the B1 visa for holidays and short business trips which I understand are valid for 90 days, NOT 30. There are over 30 different visas for the USA, each has different requirements and are used for different purposes. It mentions an International Driving Licence – no such thing, presume it means International Driving Permit which is valid for 3 years. So your link, like so much you post, is complete drivel.

          4. Grandpa,
            You really insist on the theory that as a UK citizen you can stay in the USA and use only your UK driving licence till the day when your UK driving licence expires? Which can be up to 10 years?

            I am very sure you are wrong, wrong, wrong and stubborn!!!

        2. 😀 Thanks Georgina! I just love English!

    3. Loggie
      Yes, a standard UK driving licence is only valid until your 70th birthday but you must renew it every ten years ( this keeps your photo and driving history upto date )
      The status of an EU English language licence is freely available on US Federal Govt. info sites, the AAA site and from most car hire firms. I can confirm it is correct because I lived, worked and drove in the US for over three years – so no I didn’t Google it!. As each State has its own rules it is worth checking – for example, Delaware and Washington States both accept EU licences in French and German as well as English.

  6. If citizens of the US wish to drive in Slovakia, for all but a few months, they have to take a Slovak driving test. EU citizens are required to change their license to a Slovak version within six months if they intend to drive in Slovakia, twelve months in the UK. An international driving license is only intended for transiting countries, and valid only with a full license from the visitors country. Don’t have time to research the details so it’s worth checking if you have any doubts.

    1. SVK version of the driving licence is exactly the EU version.

      In the USA you also have to take the driving course if you stay there longer time.

    2. According to the Europa website a Citizen of an EU country who holds the now standard ( Loggie please note, they are standard which is why the Slovak licence looks like a German, UK, Maltese etc. licence. ) Community Model Licence ( the plastic credit card sized thing along with the papers that it was issued with) does not have to obtain a “local” licence from any other EU country. However, as most countries in the EU issue driving licences with a fixed expiry date those licences still expire in the host country and the driver must obtain a local licence to continue driving. The rules for non EU drivers are complicated and vary in each EU country. For more details see EU Directive 2006/126/EC which comes into effect on 19th January 2013.
      The IDL (IDP) is valid for three years in all those countries that have adopted the Vienna Convention.
      Loggie – no such thing as a USA driving licence – each US state issues its own licence, has different rules, test standards and reciprocal agreements with other foriegn nations and US states. EU Licences that are in English are accepted throughout the USA, Non English language licences must be produced with an IDP to be accepted and are only valid until the IDP expires (max three years). An English language EU licence may be used until it expires and then you either get it replaced by your home country or take the local state test.

      1. Grandpa,
        You corrected two things I didn’t say. You keep doing it over and over again. What is wrong with you? Dyslexia?

        I have a question though: Are you saying that English EU licences are accepted in the USA and you can use it till it expires? Did you google it? Are you sure about that???

        Your British licence has an expiration date?

  7. I am Glad they are introducing this… Now to see how much difference in price it will be from the normal Slovakian exam and if “Slovak Driving Lessons” will be required? Who is making the money to make such a change? Someone!
    I have a 25 year Liscense from the US, so I only pay $150 every 10 years to keep my international, so is it needed? Maybe when I am 70+…Like Georgina in his “POSH PORSCHE 911 TURBO”…..from 1970 which means it is a common priced sports vehicle with a little enjoyment! My Caddy gives me the same enjoyment with all the bells an whistles! Yeah America! I would like to see Gerogie pass the test in a real American vehicle! He probably needs the extra side mirrors and parking assistant! I hope the Swiss hate you as much as the Slovaks have!

    1. Cowpat, no one hates me, well other than vulgar you, neither do I actually hate anyone either . Some people I find utter plonkers ….

      I also just have the opinion that Slowvaks are an ignorant,low IQ and thieving race of people that lie, lie and lie ….that view is shared by many other people . I find it rather sad that anyone that may have a teaspoon of Slowvak blood, just all become a planks …as exampled in your own case.

      An Amex CADDY …??? Heck Cowput , I drive a real car, not a tea pot on wheels and also one that can go round corners ….geeeze !

      1. Georgina you seems to be one of of the most hated persons on this forum.. You are constantly arguing or insulting someone.
        What is wrong with you? Did you just have bad childhood and you just need to pass it away further to others.?

        1. Oh Jurki, I forgot about you . The forums tub of Slowvak Lard .

          Be a good lad and just bend over …..Chewbacca is about to enjoin with a dinosaur.

      2. Georgina, Your Eminence,

        As you wrote: ”Slowvaks are an ignorant,low IQ and thieving race of people that lie, lie and lie”
        Eeehmm..soo…..Isn’t your wife/girlfriend Slovak? I am sure her and her slovakian parents would love to see some of your crap you have posted here.

        I hope you aren’t planning to have any children either, It would be such a shame shame to mix up your blue British blood !

        1. Georgina’s girlfriend’s parents is the designer in the rubber doll factory. Georgina’s children would be call the gummy bears.

          1. If you read my post, as you obviously do, and just hang on my every word, but you as a, Slowvak, do not have the IQ to digest the meanings, you would know the Slowvaks that I have such utter disgust, are the Ayran MALE of the breed , not the Females of the race.

            As I wrote: ”Slowvaks are an ignorant,low IQ and thieving race of people that lie, lie and lie” ……..It would appear my words are true given your daft comments Juki and Nobhead…

            The Females in the main, whilst quite dim, and air headed at times, are Absolute Dolls and just as Nobhead stated …

          2. Lets make it clear Georgina: These absolute dolls are intlatable or not?

          3. Correct Yes, when my pump is placed in them, they could inflate, there is always a danger of that i guess, as I never use condoms. I just hate the smell of burning rubber .

            Now Nob, just get over it. I am just so much richer than you .

          4. Sorry it’s still not clear Georgina.
            After your humping did they go home or you put them back in the cupboard?

          5. Nobhead, What are you kinky or somfink ? If they have a pulse then they are usable in bed .

          6. Aha, I think I got it. You mean electrical pulse, right?

          7. Nobhead, any woman you found to entertain your pecker, would have to be a cadaver, that was lashed to a radiator to be warmed up, even to find a pulse ….

          8. I must be living in the zombie world then 😀

    2. EXPAT – Good question! No doubt this “new service” will come at a premium rate (ie cost an arm and a leg) with the fees going into someones pocket. No need for Slovak driving lessons – just forget everything you have learned so far, practice driving with your mobile clamped to one ear while eating pizza with the other hand, remove the bulbs from your indicators so save confusing those who think they are an optional extra, suppress the natural desire to live a long and friutful life and tailgating becomes a piece of cake, donate all your mirrors to a parrot sanctuary, remember to always drive at the highest possible speed in the least appropriate gear, even over the shortest distance – master all of of this and you’ll find hitting the only immovable object within 50 metres of the road childs play. For added cool, wear the darkest sunglasses you can find, day and night, fit your car with a Black Sabbath sound system turned up full bore playing the heaviest base line tune you own – it blots out all other noise – infurated drivers car horns, emergency vehicle sirens etc. For the advanced licence do all of the above after a bottle and a half of spirits.

      1. So you are grumpy even around the lunch time, aren’t ya?! We can continue writing the comments in this style if you wish, I take the challenge.

        How a typical English driver drives:
        A few flies stuck in his front sheep-shaped teeth as he constantly keeps sticking his head out of the window to make sure he is within the lanes.
        Right hand stuck deep in his pants, left hand holding the steering wheel in a perfect 8.45 position, CD playing “We’are the champions..”, picture of the Queen covering the rear mirror, little eyes nervously blinking trying to count the safe distance from the front car. Time to time he wipes out a few tears from his eyes – either he remembers his home or his right hand sqeezes too hard…

        1. Where are you JB ?????

          As stated before, if you dont cage, muzzle and/or put these Aryan`s on a leash, they become vulgar, rude and ignorant and you should issue the control order again asap.

          Slowvaks just do not know how to behave in mix company, always punch drunk and then start getting their Priks out !!!

          1. 😀 help me, a nasty Slovak is making fun of us the English 😀 Georgina when will you grow some balls, uh?

          2. Just following you whining, moaning lead Nobhead ….help, help the Editor is deleting me … What comes around , goes around Nob .

        2. Loggie
          The figures speak for themselves with regard to UK v Slovak drivers:
          UK road deaths per million population 2010 – 31
          SVK road deaths per million population 2010 – 68
          Credit where credit is due, the SVK figures show a fall of 40% from the 2001 figures.

          1. I know it’s not good. I don’t argue with you about that Grandpa.

          2. David
            Comparing road deaths per million of population, the UK comes well down the league table – going from the 2010 statistics only Sweden has a lower rate than the UK’s 31 deaths per million population.However, these figures are for all roads in the UK.

            As regarding motorways, fatalities per million inhabitants fatalities ARE SAME for UK an SVK, and both well below EU average.
            Where SVK fails are the other roads than the motorways. But as you have already mentioned, fatalities on ALL Slovakian roads have very quickly improved from 2001 to 2010 by whooping 53% , which was one of the fastest improvements in whole EU.

            But with road casualties there is always a variety of ways of breaking down the statistics, and there are other ways of looking at the data that show the UK in a less favourable light.
            For example if the number of fatalities are given as a proportion of the length of motorways, the UK is above the European average.
            Likewise figures published recently by the UN, (though covering 2008) shows that if fatalities are given as a proportion of the number of vehicles, the UK has a rate higher than many European countries even more than SVK.

            What would have perhaps been a more informative measure would be road deaths per miles of journey made per country, but this is impossible to find out.
            Monday, I drove back to Manchester from London , M6 have been closed for 9 hours due to multi-vehicle accident, 9 vehicles involved , sadly one man dead. All this due to ”tailgating”….Today on way back from Birmingham, a car spinning finally hitting barriers,nothing serious though….
            I am not saying that that roads in SVK are safer than the UK ones.. BUT, it is impossible to accurately compare those figures as almost 69% of fatalities in Slovakia are caused in winter on snowy roads , where in England there is virtually NO snow at all , and if there is -there is complete collapse on all roads, schools are closed,buses are out, even with mere 1 inch of snow ( like in 2010)…
            Also, England is somewhat ”flat” country where 80% Slovakia is covered by mountains and hills , and ”steepy” roads which doesn’t help either..

            As all these ladies are complaining about ”driving style” in Slovakia ,All I can say- just for for a drive to Italy , France or even better to Belgium and you will realize what is a bad driving style….I have taken 27 days of in 2010 and travelled through 9 European countries on motorbike, and personally felt safest in Austria. Slovakia is below average among fatalities in European countries , so what kind of bad picture are you trying to fabricate here??

          3. ..quick link for informations ”in nutshell” just to prove what I wrote below:


          4. Juki , 80 % ….again misinformation?? Try 20%, have you forgot the bit between all the mountains and that bit of Slowvakia, that is actually belongs to Hungary in the south, where you grow everything ?? ….England has the hills as well , the Cotswolds, Chilterns, the Peak District, Dartmoor, The Yorkshire Dales to name but a few …oh Wales and Scotland have a few mountains as well.

            Accidents happen because Slowvaks are idiots and drive too fast because of the road condition in their penus extension Audi and 4×4. Do you not watch TV here ….there is a montage of bodies and car wrecks every evening after a small snow fall .

          5. Oh I forgot the Lake District, Scafell Pike,the Cheviot Hills, the Pennines the backbone of England and the Downs …..you real do talk out of you backside jurki .

          6. Juraj
            I looked at the other figures you mentioned but felt the number of fatalities per million of pop. was the fairest. Your correct, you can take any parameters and make different comparisons, if you express the figures in relation to the number of motor vehicles or licenced drivers they look worse.
            Driving in any country involves second guessing what the idiots are going to do and some parts of England have a lot of idiots! Overall, the standard of driving has fallen in the UK over the years, the best efforts of the govt., police and insurance companies to keep the “boy racers” under check have failed. I have to say that I have met some very considerate drivers in Slovakia as well as some who should never be on the road. I can’t agree that the geography or weather is a valid factor in road accidents – a good driver adapts to the road/weather conditions and accidents are almost always the/a drivers’ fault because they have failed to take the exernal factors into consideration. Sweden and Norway have far more mountains and heavier snow fall but both record comparatively low fatal accident rates.

          7. …. managed to do my driving test here with an interpreter a few years ago …. and it posed no problems….. but living and driving a car here is slovakia there does seem to be a general health risk involved…. definitely caused by a combination of drivers who think they own the country roads and usually forget about the wild animals that live pretty close to them …………………………… on my way to work early in the last months I have stopped more times to let herds of deer pass (small enough numbers of 20 – 30) ….. and springtime and mating season of deers is even more dynamic ……………………………………….. some of those animals can jump 12 distance in full speed doubt they hang around for the police to report the accidents they cause .
            but to be honest the deers are more predictable than some of the drivers I am meeting… and the experiences of trying to use pedestrian crossings in some towns is a comedy ….

            But on a positive note ,o)
            . but by an large things are improving finally police are actually more worried about keeping dangerous drivers off the road…. and testing for alcohol than worrying about people forgetting their id which is nice to see … well in the regions around bratislava anyway …. and being a foreigner these days compared with 8 years ago isn’t automatically increasing the fine….

            however…. i have never seen so many accidents in my life as here … that are caused for the most stupid reasons of wreck less driving … last year alone I knew of three separate car accidents that killed people I knew …. think the concept of points system would be great in this country and hopefully get the idiots off the road

        3. Princess Georgina,
          There is no point to comment on you. As obviously , you are talking out of your “chocolate hole” …
          So, have another coffe+cake , and if there is nothing valuable for you to say -just stay quiet.

          1. Juki, that huge lump growing from forehead is what you think it is ….

    3. EXPAT
      Why do you assume George has a 1970s Porsche 911 Turbo? It could be a 2012 model priced about $124K ( Turbo Coupe) in the US, hardly a common price.

      1. Actually DC, it is a 2006, red Porsche 911 TURBO Coupe 3.6ltr . I didn`t want to say, but I guess given the interest from our resident plank, I was forced to own up . Runs great on the German, Swiss, Italian and Austrian roads . BTW.I still retain my 4×4 to drive in Slowvakia …just to avoid the huge pot holes dangers . Actually, nothing wrong with having an older Porsche ….some are Classics , just like my old 1989 Bentley that I keep in a garage in England.

  8. Ah just back from testing my 911 Turbo through the Alpine passes ….and had a very pleasant weekend at a Swiss health spa.

    Loghead, you are so full of vulgar Shite ….How would you know anything about the UK? By you`re logic, just by stoking the hamster, you know all about it ? I see you will teaming up with the lying Juki ….enjoy your wedding night you two .

  9. Unless there has been a sudden influx of English speaking police I woudn’t hold your breath on this becoming a reality anywhere but in BA. Save all the hassle, take your test at home and drive on your normal licence or a IDL, easier still, slip the examiner 50 Euros and you’ll fly through it. The conversion course to Slovak driving customs is a bit painful but only leaves a small scar behind the ears. You may have difficulty doing the most simple things after the procedure and your attention span will be on a par with your pet goldfish but so what, you will fit in perfectly and be able to join Slovakia’s “Devine Wind” drivers on the unrepaired roads.

    1. Oh, oh, somebody got grumpy 😀
      It’s because you got up too early. Back to bed Grandpa!!

      1. Loggie
        I have always been an early riser, always up and about before 6 a.m.. It enables me to get the mundane work done and give me more free time to read your drivel.
        My wife and I did awaken earlier than usual today due to an improptu performance of that traditional Slovak door slamming folk dance – you know the one – four drunken, big mouthed, pig ignorant Slovaks celebrate leaving some local bar at 3 a.m. by seeing how many times they can open and slam shut the car doors while shouting, singing and whistling as much as they can, before hitting the cars parked infront and behind them and driving off the wrong way down a one way street with no lights on.

        1. Grandpa,
          I feel sorry for you. I never lived in an apartment but I can imagine that some neighbours can be a pain in a…
          This summer I visited my good friend in Zilina. After we came back to his apartment we had a cigarette on the balcony. We literally whispered but we still got shushed 3 times. We didn’t finish the cigarette and went inside. I can say I don’t like apartment living at all. I would rather prefer to live in a small village but in a house.

          Still calling it a typical SVK behaviour is making you xenophobic. But I think you realise that.

          1. Boggie
            Thanks for the concern but I don’t live in apartment thank you, we have a 400 square metre house and large gardens close to the town centre. Neighbours on the moon would have been distrurbed by these idiots. If you can whisper you have a rare skill, almost everyone I come across can’t communicate with shouting, especially on the phone ( maybe can’t work the volume controls?) When you have to install 35mm triple glazing, accoustic insulation and sleep with ear plugs in because of the noise throughout the night / early morning then the frequency of such disturbances suggest it is typical.
            We are considering selling up and moving into a quiet village. I am not xenophobic, I just don’t like pig ignorant people whether they are here, in the UK or any other country.

          2. Yeah, very very different where I live. Seriously! After 10pm when we park car in front my parents house everybody makes sure to slam the car door once and everybody whispers.
            Especially in summer when everybody’s window is open.

            I love my hometown!! 😀
            I miss it now…

          3. Yea , Nobhead, you really must be missing Luník IX. All that home town cooking over a wood fire, in the middle your apartments front room .

  10. I was naive when I thought that I would find a few words of appreciation from the expat comunity under this article.

    I want to share my experience with expats here in China concerning the topic:
    I took a driving test 2 weeks ago /China doesn’t recognise the international driving licences/. 5 other people took the test with me. A German guy, Taiwanese and 3 English. The Taiwanese guy just kept joking before the test started, complaining about everything in China /”forgot a hen it was chicken once”/.
    The German passed, the Taiwanese guy did apparently very bad and the policeman recommended him to go home and study before taking the test again. The 3 English men failed as they didn’t score the needed 90 points out of 100.
    The funniest part was what their excuses were.
    English man No.1 said: The English translation was bad, I didn’t understand.
    English man No.2 said: I was told /by his wife/ I needed 80 points so I studied for 80 points only.
    English man No.3 /my favourite excuse/ said: The questions in my test weren’t in the Book of Test questions.

    When I was leaving the computer room after the test /I scored full 100 and need only 30min of the allowed 45min/ I had to sign the score sheet.
    The policeman said: “You are from Slovakia?” When I confirmed he added: “The English always do very poorly on their first try.” /He said that!!/
    I told him: “It’s because they drive on the left side.” He understood my joke and laughed.

    The moral of my story is: No matter what, the English will always whine and find excuses for their own failings.

    1. I have noticed that many (not all !) English live under the false impression that they are superior beings, and that their nation is the pinnacle of civilization.
      In addition some of them get overly upset when you tell them that their country is not liked by lots of other foreign countries, and then point errors out with other countries, when in fact they are being quite hypocritical themselves.
      At least my respected boss here in UK says: ”we used to be the best, but Britain have seen better days..”

      1. Juraj
        The UK has a lot of faults, we still have improvements to make and yes, we are not the industrial powerhouse that we once were. UK society is on a downward slide, crime is appauling, social unrest is common, we have high unemployment and our education system is in decline. However, the worst of our worst are still better than the best of the best here. It is no badge of honour to proudly cite examples of the UKs failings to justify the failings in Slovakia. One would hope that such keen observers as yourself would realise that emulating the errors of other countries, disregarding the indicators that problems are brewing or just burying your head in the sand with regard to problems in your homeland is no answer. Slovakia is a bright “new” country with great potential, it should be full of hope and optimism, it should examine the failings of other countries and apply the lessons learnt by others – instead it would appear that while law and order are just disregarded, public services don’t serve the public, corruption is an accepted way of life and successive governments implement policy and regulation which mirror a dated and discredited political ideology that the country supposedly turned its back on 20 years ago, the average “Joe” Slovak is more concerned about trivia rather than the real issues that effect his and his families future. Your friend Loggie is a prime example, he makes quite sweeping statements based purely on fiction or his own experience – ” no one ever gets mugged in Slovakia, I’ve never heard of car wheels being stolen, that would never happen at home, etc” , all of which you know are not true.

        1. Grandpa, you have eyes – use them!
          I wrote it has never ever ever ever happened to me or anybody I know or I have never ever ever ever heard anybody telling me a story about his friend who got mugged or had car wheels stolen.

          What is wrong with you Grandpa? You don’t understand irony, you misinterpret what I write, you literally become an expert on anything after 5min of internet search.

          Please tell me again how cars get burned in Slovakia and 4 wheels stolen, or how people drive on the left side.
          Or tell me how the two armed cross is a patriarchal cross, or how mother of St.Cyrl and Methodius couldn’t be Slavic or please tell me how the UK SS is flawless and the judges never make mistakes.
          Or tell me how the new countries in the EU are beggars, how we should be grateful to the UK for it’s contributions, how racism and xenophobia doesn’t happen in the UK.

          Wrong again, Grandpa?

          1. Loggie
            The most probable reason nothing has ever, ever, ever happened to you, and you have never, never, never heard of anything is that you’re actually sat in some one horse village somewhere that happens to have electricity and an internet connection and the fantasy world that you have built for yourself has no room for anything else but your over inflated ego.
            If, as you seem to have convinced yourself, I am twice your age then do you not accept that I have a far greater knowledge on almost any topic than yourself or do you apply your own situation to all others and assume cerebral development stops at puberty? The ability to quickly locate and digest relevant information may appear to be witchcraft to you and your kind but it is only a product of a good education.
            As for telling you anything – I realised long ago that you neither have the interest nor the capacity to process the truth, any attempt to correct your drivel is met with juvenile insults, if you have nothing of value to add to the debate you make something up ( Still got your policemans play suit?), if, as regularly happens, you find your comments being shot full of holes or proven to be tripe you resort to posting yet more tripe about some obscure, off topic subject. As the saying goes “You can’t educate pork” . Now go away and play, thats a good boy, the adults are talking.

          2. No Grandpa, you are wrong. It has really never ever happened to me nor I wknow anybody that experienced that. But enough arguing.

            Let every expat who reads these comments ask any Slovak he knows if he was ever mugged or had car wheels stolen.
            The second question will be if he knows anybody who was mugged or had his car wheels stolen.

            What I say or you say Grandpa is not important. We are both disqulified from making judgments on each other’s people for a long time now.

    2. BTW Losgar , where abut in China do you live? I have had few business trips to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Suzhou , I have seen some pretty hard-core traffic there, millions of people on mopeds carrying huge amount of goods on them , etc.. In some towns it looked like there are just very rich and very poor people, and nothing between.. What baffled me was the mega Expensive 431 km/h Shanghai-Maglev magnetic levitation train from the airport to the city centre , which goes next to slum style ”housing” ..

      1. I live in Tianjin, not many motorcycles here. Not like in the south. I used to live in Vietnam and that was madness! China is a different world.
        Here in the North, outside of the centre you can drive an e-bike, not many ordinary bikes any more. Everybody drives a car.
        Also you don’t see much poverty diference here. You really have to drive 2 hours out of the city, but then there is literally nothing.

        I love the bullet trains! Tianjin-Shanghai, nearly 1.000km in 5 hours. China is a country of extremes. The traffic is quite heavy.
        Our complaining British friends wouldn’t handle something like this very well for sure. The first week after they arrive they look scared, pale in face, keep talking about their home a lot. After one month they get stable and start the usual whining. I learned how to look considerate and listen to them as little as possible at the same time.

    3. Loggie
      You should be writing for JOJ, not making rubber dog crap in China. Classic story, your imagination knows no bounds does it?
      Chinese policeman knows where Slovakia is – Yeah right! must be a compulsory question in Chinese exams.
      Believe it or not, the side of the road or the position of the steering wheel does not effect a persons ability to drive correctly so the only problem I could see would be with the road signs.
      Once again – Slovakia drives on the right because the Germans told you to in 1940, before that, like many in Europe, you originally drove on the left. Not that anyone is sure which side to drive on here. Over 11,000 accidents in the first 10 months of this year would suggest the Slovak driving test needs revising not just presenting in English.

      1. It was an ironic joke between me and the Chinese policeman, Grandpa. Ha-ha-ha. Got it?

        Interesting article about why we drive on the right side:

    4. Loggie
      Having read various articles on driving in China I understand why you feel so at home. Licences can be obtained for money – no test – so palm greasing is as common there as it is here. There are rules for the road but no one follows them – just like Slovakia. “First is right” irrespective of the danger they cause – just like here. 250,000 dead each year in road accidents – Slovakia is well on the way to that, more accidents per year than the USA which has five times as many vehicles – speaks volumes.
      The test is in English and I suspect that the translation is perfect, did you take the test in Slovak? A Taiwanese in the PRC, mmmmm …. I thought they arrested them on sight, being Nationalists and all that, but maybe things have changed. The UK and German drivers could have saved a lot of hassle and money by converting their home or IDL to Hong Kong or Macau licences and then to PRC licences. As for your little joke about driving on the left/right – most driving advice sites state that the Chinese drive on whatever side they fancy, ignore one way systems and drive suicidaly at all times. Can I suggest that to make yourself fit in a bit more over there you eat nothing but rice for a month, the constipation will make you squint and go slant eyed – and as a bonus for us – there will be less of your crap on this page.

      1. 😀

  11. Seeing the lack of respect by the drivers over here, I think the driving instructors should be the ones who take the test in English. This way they’ll be able to pass on who to drive and respect others 🙂

  12. There is a driving test here? I had not noticed.

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