Land Registry Head Charged in Shady Property Transfer

The recent affair of alleged cronyism involving the transfer of a disputed block of flats with the endorsement of Deputy attorney general Dobroslav Trnka has produced its first victim, or scapegoat, in the shape of the head of the Cadastral Authority in Senec,

What really goes on behind the doors of the Attorney General's Office? (c) The Daily.SK

Charges were pressed yesterday against the head of the land registry for processing the transfer in spite of the fact that the Special Prosecutor’s Office had frozen the property pending a legal dispute between the property developers.

The land registry allowed the property to be transferred to one of the developers, the company CDI from London, with Trnka’s long-term friend Marian Kocner advising the recipient in the case. After the transaction got media attention, the transfer was cancelled by interim attorney general Ladislav Tichy, who, just like President Ivan Gasparovic, said he would not punish or sanction Trnka for sending a letter to the land registry endorsing the transfer.


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  1. I don’t understand this – the land registry act in good faith on the grounds of Trnka issuing a document saying its all OK, go ahead with the transfer, and they are the ones in the hot seat. Tichy and Gaspar will not punish Trnka for this blatent abuse of his position. How low will this country sink?

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