Police on the Beat Get Beaten

The two police officers who were recently caught on CCTV not intervening to a street brawl in which a Bratislava lawyer was beaten up by a group who were familiar with the officers could end up with a jail sentence.

photo (c) The Daily

The Ministry of Interior is looking to make an example of the two officers who attended a scene in Zemianske Sady, and so they could end up with sentences of between two and five years.

Charges are now being pressed by the Inspectorate at the ministry on charges of abusing public power, because apart from not intervening, they let all the attackers go free afterwards and were on first name terms with them. The members of the group, which had initially come to harass someone else, had criminal backgrounds.

Interior minister Daniel Lipsic jumped on the opportunity to show how nobody was above the law, and that just because someone was friendly with the police, they should not get away with it, whether it is politicians, business people or whoever.


  1. Dont worry Stefan, Mr Moel is having a whale of a time, blinding himself by letting fly’s, bugs and moskito hit the visor of his helmet , whilst he bombs about in his motor bike ….

  2. Enjoying my holidays Stefan, thanks for asking though. Bars restaurants etc. all with fixed all year round prices plus excellent service,

  3. ‘whether it is politicians, business people or whoever’

    yeah, yeah ok!!! load of crap statement… i would love to see the day when such stupid comment like this is actual in Slovakia!!

    As it would mean ‘Meciar, Fico, Slota the ‘Sedlak’ from zilina and almost half the country officials behind bars!!! ;-))))

    looks like George the Moel is away these days!! two people or a one man scam man? :-))…….

    1. they are both very real Stefan

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