President Gasparovic Meets President-Elect Kiska, Finally

Outgoing President Ivan Gasparovic has finally met President-elect Andrej Kiska, after ignoring Kiska’s call for a meeting since he won the presidential elections in March. The incumbent and incoming presidents met in the High Tatras to discuss the formal aspects of the handover of office on 15 June.

President-elect Andrej Kiska ready 'to restore faith to presidential office'

Their meeting lasted a few hours. Earlier Gasparovic had said he ignored Kiska’s request for a meeting because he had received it by e-mail, which is not standard protocol.

Andrej Kiska will become president a day before the V4 Presidents are set to meet in Budapest on 16 June, with the German President as host.


  1. Gaspar the Ghost giving lectures on protocol – what a joke!

  2. Good bye gaspo the gymp, and good riddance, not standard protocol indeed!

  3. May Kiska fix the mess of those before him.

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