Racketeers demand 20% commission to guarantee EU funding

An interesting case was recently brought to the attention of the Ministry of Economy, which has now lodged criminal charges with the police over the affair.

The charges are aimed at three unnamed companies from Kosice and Bratislava, which were allegedly racketeering applicants hoping to get EU funding. The companies have been approaching local mayors, for instance, offering them a guarantee that their applications for funding would be accepted for a commission of of 15-20 percent. This guarantee was allegedly ensured thanks to acquaintances at the Ministry of Economy.

Certain applicants reported the illegal practice to the ministry requesting an explanation. It seems the companies have been operating for some time already, with the company reps selling themselves as experts in obtaining EU funds.

There were suspicions in the past about these ‘special’ agreement in the application process, but so far nothing has been proven. Now it will be up to the police to deal with the matter, and we can only hope that those responsible will be held to account and that public money will no longer be misused in this way to the detriment of projects more worthy of funding.

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