Reconstruction of Krasna Horka Castle Will Be Swift

The raging fire that destroyed the roofs and palace of Krasna Horka Castle on election day (10 March) produced damages estimated provisionally at around EUR 8 million, but these should be covered by the state’s insurance policy for the protection of national monuments.

Krasna Horka Castle in flames

The main insurer Generali Slovensko is co-operating closely with the Ministry of Culture to sort out the claim, and will even provide an advance payment if necessary. The fire destroyed mostly the roofs and beams of the castle, especially the Gothic palace wing, but thankfully left most of the interiors and over 90% of the exhibits in tact. These have since been relocated to make way for reconstruction work.

The indemnity limit on the policy is EUR 11.6 million, so there should be ample to cover the repair and reconstruction of the destroyed castle, but at a press conference yesterday both culture minister Daniel Krajcer and head of claims in Generali Slovenkso Jozef Tanzer refused to specify what part of the damages would be covered by the insurance policy until such times as the exact damages are calculated.


  1. Yes Slowvak men just love having short screws, whilst on the job …..whilst blowing off in the wind .

  2. The new roof blew off in an unexpected wind – Not according to the castle director – it blew off because the clowns who are building the roof used short screws, and not very many of them, to hold the boards down.
    A National Treasure, a sad loss which the public quickly responded to with generous donations yet, as usual, some Slovak building firm has seen this as an opportunity to conduct a rip off, do substandard work and endanger the building further. The whole lot should be sacked, sued for damages and never awarded any contract ever again.

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