Retrial for Ruda in Deaflympics Embezzlement Case

Jaromir Ruda, photo:

The District Court verdict from June 2011 in the case of alleged fraud concerning funding for the Winter Deaflympic Games, which were to take place in Slovakia last year but had to be cancelled, was overturned by the Regional Court in Banska Bystrica yesterday.

The court took the decision based on the “justified” appeal of the two accused Jaromir Ruda and Stanislav Furda, giving them another chance to slip away from the short arm of the law and allegations of embezzling around EUR 1.6 million. The appeal is based on bringing the allegations under corporate law instead of criminal law.

Ruda was sentenced to 13 years for the crime, while Stanislav Furda got a 14-year sentence, as he also abused the trust of his position as a notary. Before the Regional Court session, Ruda claimed complete innocence regarding the charges.

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