Sacked? Run to the Doctors Quickly

Overcrowded waiting rooms

Daily Pravda reported about a scam today where employees who have just been sacked make their way swiftly to a doctor who declares them unfit for work, meaning the notice period is suspended until they are fit again.

The daily claims that there are thousands of such cases happening all over Slovakia, while another benefit for those who have already been dismissed is that they can become entitled to sickness benefit.

The sickness figures for this year are allegedly the worst since 2003, with around 4.3% of the working population unfit for work at present.



  1. I think Stefan has been eating too much red meat ….either that or he needs to have sex .

  2. they must have learned from the Italians

  3. Wow that’s great news..!!! it means they will not run to Europe finally and scam other countries like they have been doing for so many years!!! and Slovak people complain about Gypsies!!!!! ūüėČ its great…. what goes around! comes around!!!! as you say!!!

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