Sell Your Old DVDs, Books Etc. at KC Dunaj

Have you got lots of old CDs, DVDs. books, magazines, or even cassettes? Now you have the chance to cash in on them as KC Dunaj will host an event tomorrow from 11am to 4.30pm giving you the chance to do just that.

Don't let them gather dust, pass them on (c) Stef48

You can sell all your old audio and visual media, magazines, posters, postcards or anything else you think might interest the browsing buyers. Anyone can come and sell or buy, but to sell you should complete a registration form. You are advised to bring a box or something that you can display your articles on.

Even if you only have a few items, there will be a central sales point that will sell them for you, but just make sure you mark the prices on them. For more info, contact, +421 944 319 511 (Filip).

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